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I’ve been toning it down my whole life.

Being less of who I am in order to please the people around me.
I’ve abandoned myself to thoughts like:

You are too much.

You feel too much.

Your heart is too open.

Your optimism is too high.
Your passion too strong.

Your desire for God too unique... I’ve told myself that I should somehow be smaller-
I’ve been lying to myself, trying to fit into a tighter, more ordinary box because I was afraid that I might blind myself and others with what could either be fire ... or light.
But I’ve decided that I am too much.
And that’s my blessing.

I do feel too much and too deeply.
I am the type of soul that can only pour her heart into things with passion.

I overflow like the ocean.
Like joy.
I am unlimited by the limits of humankind.

And from this point forward I will honor my too much ness - I will honor my abundance
I will honor the full fullness of ALL of who I am.
Ayanna Nefertari


What is this, you ask? It's 250 pages of unedited goodness.

My first book is almost complete.

Just two more days and the final manuscript will be handed in.
A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom and Courage will be out of my head and into the hands of the publisher. (There, now you know the title.) And in just a few more months, it’ll be in your local bookstore. Whoa.

Countdown...two more days and 30 or so more pages to write.

It’s ON.

Send me all the love and wisdom that you've got. Please and thank you.

With love from Brooklyn. xx

Join Us October 6-8th 2018 when the Divine @rubidartistry will gift our sisters practical tools for energetically manifesting the life they desire by getting in alignment and the mindset shift necessary to execute those goals.
Working toward your goals doesn’t have to be complicated.
Manifesting is the art of co-creating with the universe. Working toward your goals increases your chances of receiving what you want. It’s also fun.

Write down 3 actions you can do today to bring you closer to your goal. If you don’t know what to do, use Google to figure out what actions you can take. It’s likely someone has struggled with the same issue and has written about it. Let yourself be inspired by what others have done.

Start taking action and keep taking action until you’ve reached your goal.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with both Jessica Taylor Byers @followherarrow and Rihana Cary @rihanacary for Episode #20 of the #makeithappenoutdoorspodcast See our previous post for more details. This is one you don’t want to miss!
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I've been thinking about freedom a lot in the last few days. There was a day when I snoozed the alarm for one hour ⏰
Elisa of a few months ago would have started bashing herself, telling her how poorly disciplined and extremely spoiled she is, and how much time she's been wasting and how much that day would suck because of the late start. 💔
Today, I choose to be thankful for having the possibility to snooze that alarm clock and stay an extra hour in bed without having to explain myself to anyone or lose my job. Even if I'm not part of the super-entrepreneurs 4AM club 😜
How can you be kind to yourself today? 💜

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