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One week till D Day! Pregnancy has been tiring, surreal, mundane, magical, a bit of a drag and fucking cool. Amazed by what my body has been capable of so far. Just need to push the little munchkin out now! Picture of me at 8months by the incredible @guto_photographer. #wombpower #pregnant #mum #imreadyforyoubaby

♦️Adelaide Beauties♦️
Do you dread getting you period? Does your menstrual cycle leave you feeling annoyed, confused or stressed? 🔸I hear you gorgeous! and I have designed this workshop just for you! ❤

You will leave this womb inspired workshop with a renewed appreciation of being a woman, a better understanding of how to work with you own menstrual cycle, and a deeper connection with your womb space.

Safe your space now, and begin living your most vibrant life! 💋 👉🏼link in bio! .
💜📸 @nixcartel .
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WCW....Our very own Proudly South African bred @ngi_happy for supporting women all the way.
#winnningwomen #wombpower

Power to my Womb ❤

#wombpower #loveyourself #healingwombs

6 Years Later 🌟❤️🌟 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••#WombPower

I like to share Denise's lapel with @tuesdaybassen 🙃 #ovarygang #thankyoudenise #wombpower #uterusesbeforeduderuses ~ihaveonlysixpinkovarygangpinsleft~ 👋🏼

Final session of the @holistichealthproject #shepowerretreat don't want these powerful women to ever leave... #shepowertemple #shepower #wombwisdom #wombpower

Don't be an asshole, be a feminist. #women #sistersdoinit #powerofthep #wombpower


So thaaaaaaaaat's 1 gold ⭐️ for yoooou!
Every piece of theatre is radically political, whether you like it or not. Community Theatre may sometimes be loud and angry, othertimes preppy and heartwarming, but every piece stands for something, fights for something. I think artists are activists in a way, even in perceived passivity they are actively provoking, critiquing, commenting.
Sometimes as performers we indulge, or we perform for purposes that are only relevant to the Self. I said it before, there's nothing wrong with fancy theatre spaces preaching to the choir, but I think every theatre maker should see their craft as a viable tool to move the very people who may never step into theatre spaces we pride ourselves with. Making art in that manner is a deeply humbling process, and I'm so so so blessed to have been able to do that with some of the most powerful women on the face of this earth throughout this entire process.
Here's to all the beautiful Phoenixes pictured here. May our ironies never defeat us, may we rise again and again from the ashes, take flight and leave a blazing trail behind us as we paint the sky red.
#SAMH #CommunityTheatre #wombpower #thefutureisfemale


🌿COLLABORATING with this beauty in Spring on PERINATAL LOSS 🌿You know when someone walks in a room, lights it up like a sunshine bomb exploding with love, empathy and goddess like beauty? Red lips, mysterious eyes, essential oil smelling skin & beads around her neck, silver in her ears. Magic. That's how it was when @nantinakl walked into my Doula class. I was staring at her all of the first day & I felt like a lucky child when she chose to sit next to me the following one. I loved her authenticity, so comfortable in her own skin. She gave me her hat & I gave her my scarf & since then it's been nothing but that. Two sisters on a journey, determined to love everyone even when life's hard. What I love most about her is the way she just doesn't judge. As women we do that all too often & I've been thinking on that a lot lately. She has nothing but kind & positive words to say even when something tells me she has been through much. I love you & your light! Thank you for being such a joyful inspiration always - I can't wait to work on a project together soon.... 🙏🌈🔥🐺 #wolfwoman

"You're a strong woman". A set of words that had become a trigger for me during shifting times. Hearing these words pour out of anyone's mouth would instantly bring me to tears.
They see me.
They see the pain.
And that's ALL they can see.
But I don't want to HAVE to be strong.
I want it to stop.
I want to be held.
I want to feel safe.
I want to be soft.
I've been left with no choice but to be strong.
For my self. For my children.
And eventually the shifting settled. And I saw truth. I have had a choice all along:crumble or rise. And I've risen from each fall. So yes, I am a strong woman. You can call me that. But know where my strength lies.
Not in the blows I can take, but in the gentle manner in which I tend to the wounds.
Not in the countless challenges that come my way, but in the graceful way I dance through them.
Not just in rising from the falls, but in opening as I rise. The strength is in the softness.
#jenniferbaezyoga #yogaeverydamnday #wombpower #wildwoman #softisstrong #jupiterfl #riseup #writersofinstagram

One week till D Day! Pregnancy has been tiring, surreal, mundane, magical, a bit of a drag and fucking cool. Amazed by what my body has been capable of so far. Just need to push the little munchkin out now! Picture of me at 8months by the incredible @guto_photographer. #wombpower #pregnant #mum #imreadyforyoubaby

I’m in my red tent, also why I took a quick break from social media (so I will get back to some of you either today or tomorrow😘) I am just completely immersed in these times of bleeding within myself and so so sooo grateful I get the chance to do so. Nothing but purging, releasing, writing, some rituals and walking in nature with the pup. My belly is hanging completely soft and free and my breath is deep and steady. I completely love my period. Catching up for #thankfulbends I will check with the rest of you, love the gallery so much 😍 thank you hosts: @thegivingmom @mmaneevese @colleenyogini @elisheva_yoga and thank you @aloyoga hope everyone’s weekend is as lovely as mine 🏹💚 #cobrapose

New Moon Dark Moon
"I am like a rose I am stronger than you know. Walk with the cloak of my shadow so the light of my love may glow. I enter the void to receive sacred darkness breaking down remembering. Blood and born alone conjuring womb in tomb invoke ancestry. Silence we enter we now remember everything.. " (Codes of the Rose, Ixchel Prisma&ALIA)
#newmoon #magic #witch #rose #remember #wombpower #darkmoon

Sacred Sisterhood ~
When women come together in sacred circle they awaken within in each other their true divinity, uplifting, empowering, healing one another in infinite love and sacred sisterhood... #altar #newmoongathering #sistercircle #ritual #wombpower #sacredwomenscircle #divinefeminine #riseupwahine #kiakahawahinetoa #lotuswombyntribe #lotuswombtemple

A little #fridaynight #crystalgrid with my new #hannahpad collection to #invoke #menstrualcycle #wellness ✨💜✨

Womyn’s Health and Radical Self Care Online Program!
Are you aware you can chart your fertility naturally so you can have sexual freedom and reproductive awareness, but you just don’t know where to begin?
Do you have intense pre mynstrual signs to the point that you can’t function in the world?
Are you still breaking out in your adulthood and am desperate to find a way to balance your hormones naturally?
Did #metoo upsurge your past trauma and you’re ready to address and release it from your body?
This online course is made for you to reclaim your health, become radically aware of your body and respond in ways that assert your power as a sacred goddess of the earth.
Share this with ALL WOMYN
Now is the time to gather and heal!
Link to Details in Profile.

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