Brave Heart 😂 After 40+ On & Off Days in Mykonos #Wisebeat #Mykonos #Summer2018 #SeeYouBurningMan #Makeup @milimarkovic

Each element has its purpose and so does each person God has ever made.
God didn't make us the same, we are all created in his image. Each one of us different to reflect something different about God.
The sun is to light up the world and sends a wake up signal to our bodies brain to wake up. The night lets our bodies brain understand it's time to go to sleep. The night also cools down the earth and us humans.
Each one of these elements are different yet were both created with a destiny for it to accomplish. To awaken us and to relax us. Both are important for the earth and the inhabitants of earth.
Different people have different purposes and destinies to fulfill. Just like no element can say they are more important than the other neither can people.
When you focus on the negativity in differences or what makes you different you miss the beauty of your life that you have. God made you and shaped you special. He didn't make a mistake but created a unique message in you, how you were made, your experiences.
The sun and moon both have unique beauty to it and so do all people. Stay and grow in your lane. Share your uniqueness. Watch how you and others around you come alive and thrive because you became the excellent version of yourself. ☀️🌙

Tonight 30/06 WISEBEAT @ QUEEN of Mykonos with FREESPIRIT #GoodVibesGoodTimes #QueenOfMykonos #Wisebeat #DJFreeSpirit

#Lunasea vous fera sillonner à travers une programmation qui plaira à tout le monde. 💥
Ce Vendredi le #06 Vous partez en voyage le temps d'une soirée avec le fameaux #WISEBEAT qui débarque de Mykonos. Suivi par #ZonnArt & #AzizGhazouani pour une superbe soirée. 🔥 Réservez dés maintenant 👍
⚠️ Infoline : 98 627 627
Check the page : https://goo.gl/BG74kH
🌐 Les Côtes de Carthage 2078 Gammarth
#Regency_Tunis_Hotel #LuxuryHotel #Lunasea #BeachBar #OpeningParty

19/05 Saturday 23:00 >>>
NU & WISEBEAT @ GOSPËL New York #Nu #Wisebeat #Gospël #GospëlTribe #GospëlNewYork #LivePerformance

First & Last Breakfast with Le “Malaka” @ninis.j #Wisebeat #Wisekick😂 #SeasonClosingParty #RaspoutineRome

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