“Make deposits” is my new motto. We can either make deposits or take withdrawals from the people in our lives. Going to hold myself more accountable for giving and sharing, whatever that means. #levelup #december

2 HOUR FOIL TRANSFORMATION we went from outgrown classic foil with lowlights to a luscious butter blonde with platinum pieces ✨💎 #stylesbyalexis ✨💎 tips for clients wanting something like this:
-olaplex, hair masques, more olaplex... oh wait did i mention olaplex?? A process like this is no joke. Yes, im careful to not overlap, but when you have foils sitting this long and doing them back to back even using a low developer can dry the hair. If a client’s hair is not healthy to begin with, i may advise doing this is multiple sessions with olaplex treatments and at home hair masques in between.
-at home care is the most important! Purple shampoo and conditioner is an absolute must, leave in conditioner, oil or shine mist to look and feel hydrated, hair masque to keep condition and repair any damage, heat protectant always (your hair will snap off if you dont...ask me how i know 🙄)
-think of maintenance: this look could go two routes, you could fully commit and become a double process blonde (3-4 week root touch ups) or every 6-8 weeks of full highlights foil work. We had to eat through so much lowlight, but the goal was to get her ends super bright and she likes a shadow so we went in 8 weeks later for a classic heavy full foil. In the end, expect maintenance! Not to mention the refresh toner you’ll want to come in for after month to keep the tone fresh and flawless
-cut your hair: im not telling you to chop it all off, but if it looks fried...its not cute. 💎tips for stylists:
-when you have to overlap lightener, i love to put our 0N (clear gloss) to dilute the lightener but pop those “almost there” pieces and it keeps the hair from snapping
-olaplex! Always tell them to olaplex, make it a requirement... at least if they are going this light. Your name is on that work and you want it to look 💯 -charge for it: 2 hours of foil work, extra color charge, toner, custom finish styling. Thats almost 5 hours my friend... $$$
-recommend all the necessities: you have to tell them how to keep their hair in good condition at home. It makes their life amazing because they will have healthy beautiful luscious blonde and uhm, THATS YOUR BILLBOARD!

🍍Mango Coconut🥥

All my Bronde/ Brunette babes getting ready for #Fall and Holiday season 🍂🎄🍃

Added some Warmth and Dimension. Balayage / Babylights combo is my favvv💕

Double Taps if you’d like this hair ! Obsessed ! Styled with @paulmitchellus . •
Cut & Color ✂️
• ‼️🎬 For bookings DM or email in bio #paintedbyBella ‼️

Color MELT!

Bleach retouch with shadow root so she doesn't have to be in my chair every 4 weeks! 😂

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Marshmallow BLONDE Vibes🎄

I painted using @keunenamerica Ultimate Blonde lightener with 20vol for this babe and moved to the top with 30vol, making sure to leave out the pieces that were already very light. Toned with @redken 9V 9T & Clear and styled with @babylissprousa 1 inch curling iron.
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How many muscles does it take to smile???? 43? 17? Or 26? .
This beauty @sabrina.berg loves he new winter balayage and is definitely using all of them.
A smile has special powers. You can calm fear, insecurity, hurt and anxiety not only in yourself, but in those around you. Smiling releases neurotransmitters called endorphins that make you feel happy and reduce stress.
#hairbyjeaneanemoreno #jeaneanemorenohairstylist

Warm up those roots after being a bleach blonde #behindthechair #winterblonde #pixiehaircut #salonrock #done by Tucker

Such a fun ‘do today! Fullhead babylight, smudge root, plus and a 6+” cut/thin! #sofun #blondeme #igoravibrance #glamsalonriverbank #hairbyc13 #swartzkopfprofessional #blondemeschwarzkopf #babylights #winterblonde #holidayready

Cozy Monday night ❤️ I love sipping hot tea and snuggling with my Lacie girl on cold nights after long days.
After my busy at work I was able to be pampered by my fav girl @_kenzie01 at @bellezasalonspa. They always make me feel so beautiful! She decided to go icy blonde on me and I am obsessed. Check out my stories for a before and after 🙌🏼#icyblonde #lauraelizabethpresets

🔮Swipe for more, including a hand shot and the before👋🏻 💍The BREAKDOWN 💍
My unicorn client had about 1.5” of roots, so a typical on the scalp bleach job wouldn’t cut it.
@redken flashlift with 30v and olaplex in foils on the whole head. Process until almost white, then go in with same formula except switch to 20v on the roots. I like to slide the foils down and just hit the roots, then cover and process for about another 15 minutes.
🎅🏼Tone at sink with 9t, 9v and clear on that freshly bleached 1.5”, then blend onto the rest of the hair. 🌈🌈 Also, this babe takes THE 👏🏻 BEST👏🏻CARE👏🏻 of her blonde between appointments! @fanola to keep this unicorn 🦄 bright. Yeah baby.

For all of our ultra blonds out there considering a seasonal color change💁🏼‍♀️Going “darker” for winter doesn’t mean you have to go chocolate brown. Beige blonde using a color gloss is a beautiful winter change up that can be much more easily lifted out come summertime, at which point we both know you’re going to want to be silver blonde again LOL 🤪 .
. .
#winterblonde #pasalon @redken @balmainhairsalon #haircolor

Wow, wow, wow! Check out this gorgeous color transformation by Maggie. Swipe to see the before.🙌 Do you have your appointment scheduled? Our holiday calendar fills quickly, book online today:
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