The afterpics barely came out but at least you could see our faces on this one. Why do the two on the end look like they are over taking pictures?😂😂 #summer18 #fathers #sons #sanantonio #williams #reese #endofsummer

Nak makan apa? #williams

🇬🇧McLaren was coming from dominant previous seasons, but Williams arrived in 1991 with a powerful Renault engine, new electronics items like the sequential gearbox and a Nigel Mansell crazy for the championship. McLaren still had the success formula of previous years: a good chassis, the Honda engine and Ayrton Senna.
The red and white team got a better start that year, helped by Williams' lack of reliable and Mansell's overdrive. From the half to the end of the year, it was clear that Williams had a better set. The battle reached its apex at the Spanish GP (pictured) with Senna and Mansell measuring every centimeter of the track. 1991 ended up with one more title for McLaren and Senna, but for the following years Williams had the "another planet car".
🇧🇷A McLaren vinha de um domínio nas temporadas anteriores, mas a Williams chegou em 1991 com um motor Renault potente, itens eletrônicos novos como o câmbio semiautomático e um Nigel Mansell louco para ser campeão. A McLaren ainda tinha a fórmula de sucesso dos anos anteriores: um bom chassi, motor Honda e Ayrtyon Senna.
O time vermelho e branco começou melhor o ano, muito por conta das quebras da Williams e excesso de ímpeto de Mansell. Da metade para o final do ano, era visível que a Williams tinha um conjunto melhor. A batalha chegou ao seu ápice no GP da Espanha (foto) com Senna e Mansell medindo cada centímetro da pista. Em 1991 acabou dando McLaren e Senna, mas nos anos seguintes a Williams foi o “carro de outro planeta”.
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Poire Williams rouge

No Melhor lugar do mundo #selva com meus amigos #thomas #williams da #frança #comida #fêfêtur🌏 #peperiotours a agência top de Copacabana no #riodejaneirolovers .
Quer conhecer o Rio com segurança e muita diversão chama a #fêfêtur🌏 a guia de turismo cadastur da Floresta ...
Bom dia mundo .
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Regrann from @120effort - "Nothing about me right now is perfect. But I'm perfectly Serena."
Repost from @time - No modern athlete has reached @serenawilliams' level of stardom has ever returned from so difficult a childbirth, at her age, in a grueling individual sport like #tennis, to claim a major global championship. And since #Wimbledon, she's faced a particularly rough stretch in her personal life. The man who killed her older sister Yetunde Price was released from prison. The postpartum symptoms haven't fully gone away, and she says separating herself from Olympia, her 11-month-old daughter with her husband, tech entrepreneur Alexis Ohanion, has become even harder. Why keep at it? "I'm not done yet, simple," she tells Time. She needs tennis as much as the sport needs her. It's the one thing, as a mother, she can do solely for herself. "My story doesn't end here." Serena has won 23 Grand Slam single titles, one short of Margaret Court's all-time record. The U.S. Open, which begins on Aug. 27 in New York City, is her last chance to even the score this year. - #regrann

Cual será el futuro de Esteban Ocon?
El francés podría llegar a Williams, trás el salvaje de Force India por manos de Lawrence Stroll, que implicaría tener un asiento para Lance. Otra hipótesis, aunque menos plausible, vería Ocon acompañando a Carlos Sainz en McLaren.
What is next for Esteban Ocon? The Frenchman could join Williams, after Lawrence Stroll and his consortium saved Force India. Such a move would imply having a seat for Lance, which would push Ocon to the edge and leave him without any alluring opportunities. Another hypothesis, although more unlikely, would see him partner Carlos Sainz at McLaren.
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