What a month - my heart is full.

Kickin it off with the Wilderness tour at the @kennedycenter was a dream ✨ "This country cannot afford to be materially rich and spiritually poor"

#wildernesstheplay #kennedycenter

#wildernesstheplay back at it!!! I love all of you SO much. Most special thanks to my friend, twin and accurate portrayer @taylorwnoble who plays "Sophia" in this show and nails it every time. Not that I'm an expert or anything... @bradreedy @rikheiz @taylorwnoble @hollydemorro @betsykalish @justjakewilliams @caitlinegoldie @annehamburger @evoketherapy @engardearts

Eyyy D.C. I'm here with all the Wild Things and we are so excited to camp out at the @kennedycenter for a few days!

Link in bio for tickets to Wilderness--> #kennedycenter #wildernesstheplay

@Jan leslie Harding rehearsing. The role of Mom for @engardearts #wildernesstheplay headed to the @kennedycenter next week!

Thanks to @caitlinegoldie for finding this in the drama book shop! #wildernesstheplay #mynamesfirstbutlikewhateveritschill

Presented #wildernesstheplay at the outdoor behavioral health conference and now on to of the mountain and it's SO beautiful. Home tomorrow. My birthday @annehamburger

@annehamburger in Salt Lake City at the #outdoorbehavioralconference presenting #WildernessThePlay tomorrow night. Look at this wonderful soap!

Art inspired by a discussion of mental health and wilderness therapy. I'm grateful for my experiences with #wildernesstheplay

First stop lookin 💯 #wildernesstheplay #tourlife #engardearts

Only 2 more chances to see #wildernesstheplay at Abrons Arts Center. Use code WILDFRIENDS for 2 for 1 tickets this Saturday at 8pm and Sunday 2pm.

ey NY - it's your last chance to catch our little big show this weekend. Only ✌🏽 shows left and if you buy tix RN you can use the code WILDFRIENDS for 2fo1 tickies 😍 @nytimes @engardearts #nytimes #wildernesstheplay

So proud of this guy!! Can't believe it's taken me this long to see you act - but you were amazing and I can't wait to see what you do next 👏🏻🎭🌲🇺🇸#wildernesstheplay #20yearsoffriendship #leanandintense #myfriendisbetterthanyou

Pardon me for boasting but I'm too proud of this cast/Engarde, @taylorwnoble and myself for not posting this NYtimes front page ad! @nytimes @engardearts @evoketherapy #wildernesstheplay #growing

@Kelly Martucci from @henrystreetsettlement doing a panel tonight for #wildernesstheplay! And I suck at selfies!!!

#tbt Still buzzing from the WILDERNESS Opening Night Benefit honoring #changeagent Andrew Solomon. Thanks to all for making it an inspiring event.
#openingnight #engardearts #wildernesstheplay #newyorktheatre #abronsartscenter #lovenomatterwhat

The #wildernesstheplay hats are the bomb!

All the gratitude in the world to this guy. Come share NY Time Critics Pick #wildernesstheplay with me now through November 13th at Abrons Arts Center 🌲🐿🌵🕷

#wildernesstheplay grand opening benefit tomorrow! A wonderful seating chart for the best in hospitality @Abronsartscenter @engardearts

Maybe the best production still of me ever. @engardearts #wildernesstheplay

First preview tonight! Ready to be constantly covered in fake dirt for the next month! Photo by Maria Baranova-Suzuki #wildernesstheplay @engardearts

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