"Her Campus creates an environment where women can empower others and inspire creativity." - Rachel and Samantha, social media #WhyWeLoveHerCampus #HerCampus

"Her Campus has been a great way to encourage and celebrate women while doing things I already love to do. I'm so blessed to be part of amazing group of kind, creative women!" 🎀 -Brooke Jackson, Digital Media #WhyWeLoveHerCampus #HerCampus

"HerCampus is an outlet for me where I can bring my creativity to reality with prospering women who are doing the same. " -Kiasi Young, Events 🎀 #WhyWeLoveHerCampus #hercampus

"Her Campus is a safe place where I can openly express my creativity and ideas. It is so much more than a magazine -- it's a family." -Joslyn Pham, treasurer & philanthropy #WhyWeLoveHerCampus #HerCampus

"HerCampus has been an outlet for me to showcase my leadership skills. It has challenged my thinking and organization skills and made me stronger. HerCampus brings me a sense of pride knowing I am contributing to its success." 🎀 -Jenae Andrews, Secretary #WhyWeLoveHerCampus #HerCampus

"Being a leader for Her Campus has taught me so much about myself and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone in order to impact others. Her Campus is such a huge part of my life now and I couldn’t be happier about all the positive effects it’s had on our campus."- Kayla Charles, Co-Founder & Co-President of UNT HerCampus #whywelovehercampus #hercampus

"There's a place for everyone. Whether you love to write or speak or create, Her Campus UNT has a home for you." -Orooj Syed, Co-founder & Co-president of UNT HerCampus 🎀 #WhyWeLoveHerCampus #HerCampus

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