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We are back with #WhosThisWednesday!
Who can tell me which whale this is?

#WhosThisWednesday time! Anyone know who this whale is?

It's #Wednesday again! That means its time to test your Orca ID skills! Who is this orca lovers? #WhosThisWednesday

Pull out your ID guides, it's time for you weekly quiz! #WhosThisWednesday ?? Who can tell me who this is?

Time for your Wednesday Quiz folks! We are not making it as easy this time! Can anyone tell me who this is? #WhosThisWednesday

Hey everyone, we are bringing back #WhosThisWednesday to challenge all you orca lovers to learn your whales. For you experts out there this might be an easy one, but what a cool saddle patch!
So who is this? Leave your answers in the comments!
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Which famous fictional character is this? #WhosThisWednesday

It’s our favourite chest beating, building climbing giant King Kong! See him rummage through the Garden of Heroes & Villain at the open day on 6th August. #WhosThisWednesday

Can we recognise this iconic historical figure? #WhosThisWednesday

Of course it is Britain’s great leader Winston Churchill; a central part of the nation’s history and an icon for victory. Open to the public on 6th August, why not see Churchill for yourself in the Garden of Heroes & Villains open day? #WhosThisWednesday

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