Bengals kept it close, but fall short.
Other than a few things, I’m not mad about this loss. Chargers were the more talented team. I can live with that.

Driskel was defining average today. He Made most of the throws he should have, but also missed a few throws. He Made some really good throws at times, and there were times where he made some just awful throws. He improved from last week, but he confirmed that he isn’t better then Andy. That last drive, he was bad. He’s got to be smarter with the ball. Throwing to Core(so now he catches it) on the final play was dumb. He should have threw it away, or throw to a route going out of bounds. Mixon played great. He was the leader of our offense. Boyd was good as usual. Wish we would use Ross more. Pass blocking wise, the line was solid most of the time. Run blocking was really bad. Bobby Hart is bad at football.
Defense played really well. William Jackson played amazing. Dennard played well. Russell and Phillips also stepped up. For once, our linebackers weren’t awful. Whenever Burfict isn’t playing, we play better. Just saying. Glad to see the defensive line come to life.

The only thing that I’m mad about this game is discipline and decision making from Marvin. The discipline on the team is beyond awful. Huge reason why we lost. Might be the reason why. Marvin has to fix it. He needs to discipline them. Imagine if we didn’t jump on 4th and goal, or Willis didn’t jump right before the half and the Chargers didn’t get that huge FG. 7 point swing. Also, Marvins decision making in this game killed us. If we didn’t go for 2 earlier, we could have kicked it to tie it at 23. But Lazor deserves some blame. His play calling on the 2 PT conversions were awful. Swing pass? Really? Swear we’ve done that every time since 2015. The 2nd one was putting Driskel in a bad situation. We didn’t get creative. Driskel should have tried to throw the ball up though. Can’t hold onto the ball in that situation. Still, Lazor has to call plays that work. We’re in a league that requires creativity, and Lazor has failed.

Defensive coordinator side of Marvin was great, but head coach side of Marvin was awful.



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