Just weighed in. I have now lost 51kg and have onlu 12kg until my next, maybe final, weight target. Once I'm where I want to be I can focus on being faster and stronger.

Apparently in my recorded exercises since I started in January 2017 I have taken over 114,000 steps - and that first step remains most important.
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Self-care is not about lattes, it’s about knowing who we are and where we’re going. ~Sarah Langner
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Hello Spring 😍🌸🌞
Been at least 6 months since I wore swimmers and it’s kinda nice feeling a bit more confident in my own skin 🤸‍♀️

Weekly #Message and #Affirmation - 24th – 30th September 2018 (Affirmation to be done for the full week 7 times in the morning and night or continued if needed for a cycle of 21 days)
“Focus is a muscle, and you can build it. Too many people labor under the idea that they’re just not focused, and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once you drop this mistaken belief, you can take a much more realistic approach to build focus" says Elie Venezky, Author of Hack Your Brain

More and more individuals I interact with, feel that they are unable to concentrate and focus on their specific tasks. They know what they need to do, how to do it, but for some reason, they say they cannot accomplish them.

They feel defeated since they believe they have a lack of focus. Building concentration and focus begin with working on our mind. As you tell your mind you are not focused, you continue to lose even what little focus and concentration you do have. By changing the message to our system, to be focused and that it is easy for you to do so; the mind will start to respond accordingly.

This week focus to move away from any negating chatter about yourself and only concentrate to build positive connections with your mind and heart.
Do this affirmation and feel the difference in your day to day focus and concentration. Let me know how it has worked for you and how you feel about it.

Affirmation: "I am able to concentrate easily and focus on completing all my tasks. I am productive and effective throughout the day in all areas of my life." ☀ @roshanishenazz 2018

Stay Blessed 🌟 Keep Shining

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Know your worth.
know your values.
AND have complete confidence in your uniqueness. ➕
NO ONE can be you, so be confident in the person that you are🌿

Sundays - they’re the perfect day to reset ahead of a new week... What have you done to #reset?
Have you gone for a walk? Enjoyed a coffee? Sat on the grass and people watched? Read some of your book? Visited a friend or family? Listened to your favourite playlist? Or perhaps you’ve just taken things slower today... If you haven’t hit the #resetbutton yet, there’s still time!
If the thought of another week brings you feelings of stress, or if you’re finding it hard to do the things you need or want to do, you don’t need to keep living that way. Help is here.
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‼️ Behandeling in de kijker ‼️
Environ Skin Renewal (90min), de beste behandeling na de zomer. Extra aandacht voor het exfoliëren en hydrateren van de huid, met een stralende vernieuwde huid als resultaat! Wie wil dit nu niet?
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Actie geldig tot 31/10/2018
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Hope everyone’s having a great weekend. 🙌🏻😊 I’m taking new clients and have evening appointments available in Sydney. Weekend appointments are available in Sydney and Canberra. Phone and Skype appointments are also available. Email or inbox now for more info. I would love to help you change your life 😊

Ya sis is a genuine damn mess. 3 months ago I let my depo needle run out (contraceptive needle) and my body is I assume trying to balance out my hormones and holy shit don’t stand in my path. I am a dragon one minute and an emotional wreck the next. I’m totally fine then I’m wanting to eat the world in one swoop. For your own safety, keep away ❌❌ I’m genuinely not really an emotional nor moody person. I don’t even recognise myself at this point. No offence to me but WTAF?
Because I suddenly want to eat anything within my sight I’m being kind to myself and eating at maintenance rather than a calorie deficit. My scales are up but I know to ignore that for now.
I very rarely say it but holy smokes it’s difficult being a woman sometimes!
Anyway.. that’s my bitch over. To all the women out there.. you are a bad ass 💪🏼 Our bodies are incredible. Through thick and thin.
Happy Sunday ✌🏼

Friendly reminder: it’s perfectly okay if the only exercise you get today is smiling with friends or stirring a cup of tea. Wellbeing means your WHOLE body, so make sure your soul is getting as much exercise as your glutes ❤️☀️

I am more than what I appear to be.. All of the world’s strength and power rests inside me.

It's officially Autumn 🍂 What's your favourite thing about this season?⠀
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And of course. When seeking magic adventures one must have a giant ‘shroom. The perfect place to take cover from the rain !!! #junadventures #withlove #ofthegods

90 mins of hard work done & dusted! What a way to end the week🤸🏽‍♀️💥⚡️

Would you rather NO coffee for a week or a 1 hour run every morning for a fortnight? Tag your coffee lover friends to see which one they choose!

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