Tivemos um evento incrível nesse domingo no Shopping Iguatemi, onde mostramos pra uma galera um pouquinho do que é o CrossFit e que é a @crossfitcrown.sc só tenho a agredacer por essa equipe foda e @matheustrassi por todo suporteee ... foi irado e que venha o próximo. 👊🏻💀👑 .

#welcometotheclub #crownclub #crownsaocarlos #crossfitcrown #borntoreign #crossfitcommunity

Welcome to the club ⚽️ for my nuggets, Thai with FC LB & Troy with Total Futbol Academy -TFA. #TFA #Soccerlife #welcometotheclub

bitches really out here talkin shit about fixed and how they better only play new music at the shepherd bush shows because they've seen em live too many times. IMAGINE BEING THAT CONCEITED & PRIVILEGED. LIKE FUCK OFF FIXED IS AMAZING. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT GO SOMEWHERE ELSE WE DON'T NEED YOU IN THE FANDOM. FUCKIN SPOILED ASSES
@newhopegeorge @newhopeclub

@newhopegeorge @newhopeblake @newhopeclub

I just read half a paper about the Croatian anthem and no offence to anyone from Croatia but some people honestly write the most dreadful papers. Just sawing 🙈🙊 xS

Happy Birthday to this wonderful person and best friend in the world!
We have come a long way Angie :) Thanks for letting me crash the party in AZ today!! Happy 4 0!!

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