Training Sazey the new ASR in the San Jose Market with Windows Inking on the Yoga 920 in Oakland CA BBY#499 😀😉😎 #premiumstars #wearelenovo #iamlenovo

First day on the job #iamlenovo #wearelenovo #premiumstars

Best practice: You can install LEARNit on our new Tab 4 10"! #PremiumStars #WeAreLenovo #IAmLenovo

Tried to get past the glare... didn't work. #nerdingout #wearelenovo

Walked in to find Matthew closing a Lenovo desktop sale. Great start to this visit! #PremiumStars #IAmlenovo #WeAreLenovo

Best Practice: I like to leave my demo models on Conservation Mode. As you may know, leaving the laptop charger plugged in risks reducing the overall battery lifespan. Conservation Mode tops the charging at 60% to ensure that battery lifespan is maximized.
Note: demo models are reset after being checked, and usually are considered open box after their shelf days end. Customers deserve the best condition open boxes they can get, so this will help preserve the condition of that battery. Geek Squad Protection is a great addition, to not only ensure coverage, but remember that the cost is discounted as well due to the sell price of the device.
Also, make sure that your associates know (as well as the customers you show) that the 730-13’s Rapid Charge option is only available when the Conservation Mode is not enabled. It’s one or the other
#WeAreLenovo #IAmLenovo #PremiumSTARS

Heading to a world of assisted intelligence and real-time insights -- evolving the approach on data from prescriptive to cognitive. #automation #machinelearning #lenovogws #wearelenovo

Name on my Lenovo badge: Damian Robinson
But my colleagues call me: Damo
My kids call me: Daddy when they want something and Dadddeeeeeeeeee when they really want something.
What I do at Lenovo: Cobble words together, develop web pages, and give an old joke/song a new home – though not always at the same time.
What my kids think I do at Lenovo: One of them thinks I work in a computer shop, while the other one thinks I play Star Wars Jedi Challenges all day.
Job title at home: Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Best work-life balance hack: Working from home can save you a couple of hours’ commuting time, plus the coffee’s cheaper. 😀
Favorite Father’s Day present of all time: I have two extraordinary gifts -Jack (aged 10) and Milly (almost 8 but going on 15) – for whom I am eternally indebted to my wife Sarah. 😍
Biggest lesson fatherhood has taught me: Mum’s always right, remember that and you can’t go far wrong. Also, once your kids start going to school, you no longer need to Google anything – as children think they know everything. And should they ever forget something, there’s always Mum... 📸: @xdamo
#WeAreLenovo #happyfathersday #dads #family #worklifebalance #techie

Got my Lenovo goodies today! 😍💻 #PremiumStars #IAmLenovo #WeAreLenovo

New Lenovo customer
#iamlenovo #wearelenovo #primiumstars

Another great training at BB 1383 #wearelenovo #iamlenovo #premiumstars

If anyone wants to know how many photos (pro and camera phone) can fit on a 256SSD.... here you go. #maxedout #byebyeMiix 😔 #premiumstars #wearelenovo

When RSAs are happy to sell a hot buy, you know it must be good. Lenovo 330S leading the way! #PremiumStars #IAmlenovo #WeAreLenovo

Again, another of my Costco's sold out of the ThinkPad. At least this one still has display model... For now. John claims Costco employees are not supposed to be in our pictures #weareLenovo #IAmLenovo #PremiumSTARS

Hi friends, I’m Gavin O’Hara and I Instagram for a living. Well, not just that but—as Lenovo’s Creative Lead for Global Social Media—my job is to make sure our social fans & followers worldwide know how interesting and dynamic our company is. Corporate storytelling for the modern age. I am celebrating my 18th Father’s Day as a Dad (my 13th as a Lenovian) and I wouldn’t trade the experience of fatherhood for anything. Don’t get me wrong: it is without question the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also far and away the most rewarding. Like any kids, my three boys (now 17, 14 and 11) have their ups and downs but watching them grow into themselves is pure magic. It never gets old or any less spectacular. Like my beautiful wife Kaaren, my kids have taught me humility and patience. They’ve also shown me in brilliant technicolor the capacity the human heart has for love. Happy Father’s Day to all the other dads out there. Here’s to ya.
📸: @thatgavin
#WeAreLenovo #happyfathersday #dads #family #worklifebalance

Job perks. Lenovo Tab 4 10", Yoga 730-13, Active Pen 2, and Yoga Mouse. #PremiumStars #WeAreLenovo #IAmLenovo

Happy Father's Day Dad! Enjoy your new Lenovo. #premiumstars #wearelenovo #iamlenovo

Tadaaaa! Training on All-In-One lineup today. #PremiumStars #WeAreLenovo #IAmLenovo

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