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evoL Monologues, A Backwards Love Story is now in stock! -A poetic compilation and personal journal for the reader wrestling with eternity.
Love isn't easy whether it's loving someone else or loving yourself. There is always an expectation we build in our own minds whether we have gathered this from watching others and assuming they have figured something out that we haven't or it's a bar we have set that is often out of reach. Either way, love isn't meant to be difficult or make us happy every day; it's meant to direct us to those who are kind, patient, long suffering, honest, gentle, project self control, sacrifice, and goodness. No person will carry all of this at the same time every day but it should be familiar in their attempts. "evoL Monologues" brings in the hand of our Creator who has a fierce love that is relentless for our hearts to be squared up with Him no matter how much we question and lose sight. His love is easy. Visit website in bio on our Shop link under Books to purchase $12.99🌴


I hope these picture motivate you as much as they do me. I am blessed to get the opportunity to capture moments like these. Moments of selflessness. Serving others. Bringing hope and a smile.
Kansas City Heroes and Free Hot Soup are two groups here in KC that are dedicated to paying it forward and serving those in need. I am encouraged and inspired each time that I am around them. They truly have a heart for the hurting, broken, and needy. Their love for others is contagious!
We each have the opportunity each day to choose what kind of person we are going to be.
I challenge you as well as myself to be a person that love and serves others.

Sunday afternoon nap ! Étoilée & Mathilda
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I LOVE this woman! I met this woman about 5 years ago. She suffers from an extreme case of lymphatic filariasis. This was caused by a parasite that found it's way to her lymphatic system, destroyed some of her lymph nodes and thus caused enormous amount of bulging and swelling in her extremities. She lived in a place in the mountains where people drop off their family members that they can't afford to take care of any more or don't want around anymore. It was Christmas season and all she wanted was to see her son's but wasn t able to contact them. I think we were able in some small way able to make her Christmas a little more joyful by being with her and singing with her. Even still if I was able to help her at all, I know for a fact she was able to help me and I'm a changed man because of her.
the beautiful voice you hear is that of an old friend of mine @hadassah__esther who I hope is doing well! 💙
. .
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❤I will love you no matter what Apollo❤ 😭We all know your in a better place😭
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Sometimes the hardest #Battles are the internal ones we struggle with in our hearts and mind. ◇Forgiveness is esential for peace of mind. #lettingo
◇Compassion is stronger for those we love. #weallneedforgiveness
◇Understanding is putting yourself in someone's situation. #itcouldhappentoyou
◇Love is #Being vaunrable. #weallneedlove
#But above all, #Being honest and true with yourself and what you #Believe in And, causing no harm to others makes you a #Better person. °
If all else fails...love your dog 💜
#spiritual #walkawayfromnegativity
#allisasitsmeantoBe #Believeinyourself

More embossing practice!!! Love is all you need canvas sign! Question: do you prefer the ribbon knotted at the front or at the back?? #loveisallyouneed #embossing #embossingpen #goldembossing #embossedsign #canvassign #love #allyouneedislove #goldlettering #moderncalligraphy #modernscript #handmade #handlettered #handlettering #hangingsign #inspirationalsign #weallneedlove

It's Random Acts of Kindness Day. Here are some tips to help you along.

About to head to the store now! Come out & spread love to the less fortunate today! We all need love! ❤️ #givingbacktomycommunity #spreadinglove #weallneedlove #publicservantlife

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