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Felt pretty good about benching 340 at a body weight of 178 until I realized that my body weight was, in fact, 178. #benchpress #cspfamily #dadstrength #wastingaway

Wasting Away - My latest time lapse drawing is now on Facebook! Go check out the full video. Music is by @theslvrtongues 😍
#wastingaway #bodyart #jackdaniels #whiskey #johnnycash

Heaven from hell. Blue skies from pain #wastingaway #perjuanganalbum #hardcore

Sickly selfe. #wastingaway

So this is what dancing until 7am for the last 10 days with about 1-2 meals a day looks like.... #wastingaway #europe2016 #mykonos #xlsior

🦃Waiting for mom to tell you the turkey's ready like... #wastingaway #hurryupandfeedme #getinmybelly 🍗🍗🍗

Not sure what the humans are struggling with... simple dinner process of open cupboard door-pull out dinner pouch-open-squeeze contents into cat bowl-carry me to cat bowl- dinner is served! #stillwaiting #wastingaway


This is how I felt after my op a couple of months back 😂 it's like a couple of days off destroys years of work! #funnymemes #gymmemes #gymproblems #wastingaway

It's been days since I've properly eaten. I'll have bits here and there but the idea of eating just doesn't seem to really gel with me. I never seem to get excessively hungry and food in general doesn't really appeal to me. I can go days, sometimes weeks without the need to eat and I don't feel fatigued from it. My mum tried telling me that it could possibly be some kind of disorder. I'm not sure how to really take that. She's not a credited doctor or anything but she told me that since birth I was never much of an eater. I spent the first few months of my life in a hospital with a tube down my throat since I would never take to food and that carried on into today. I can see my bones becoming broader. My face getting slimmer. Still, I don't feel hunger or the need to eat. Maybe that's just how my mind designed itself, to trick itself into thinking I can self sustain myself on just cigarettes and alcohol and the odd relapse of drugs should I ever be offered them. That's where my hunger seems to stem towards the most. When is the next hit? When can I afford tobacco? When can I consume the sweet, sweet alcoholic nectar to fuel me to be able to step out of my bubble? I don't even know how I could go about really addressing this to anyone, be it a friend or a medical professional. I just always thought this was just normal for me. Hell, what is normal for me anymore? #food #eating #wastingaway #narcotics #addictedtochaos #howdoidealwiththis #whatisthis #copingmechanisms #hell

Sickly selfe. #wastingaway

These pictures were taking 6 months apart and you can definitely see changes. None of this would happen without the help of my coaches @sbjackharman @roicegummer and @lewissmason and everyone in the @supreme_being_fitness family!
Time to drop the calories down and drop this body fat even further 💪🏻 #fitness #fitfam #sbfitness

We are adorable. Therefore, you must give us some of everything you have. Or all of it. #feedme #wastingaway #resistanceisfutile #adorbs #doggos

#cannadifyi💯💚 GIRLS, Pitbull

#mygirls and #mypotrx #mypotporn #mypotpassion =
After my work out, I went for Sunday brunch at my favorite watering hole #pub181 and had three eggs, double hashbrowns, and an 8 oz r#ribeyesteak for 11.95. Always delicious and always somebody interesting to talk to. 😀 =
I was researching the dispensaries while I was eating brunch and discovered many are closed in the area on Sundays. 😩Even though I got a record-breaking five hours sleep last night I am feeling very drained and exhausted today for some reason. I am also fighting dehydration due to my autonomic dysfunction. I may have to seek alternative methods as electrolyte replacement and supplements are not working. This is critical to me to my recovery. #Dehydration is deadly and sets off #dysautonomia . It's a viscious circle until I get a steady supply of RSO and break that ceiling.
Gaining weight can be just as hard as losing weight. I'm in a metabolic #wastingaway I am like a hummingbird needing to feed constantly. =
Having said all that, I can still honestly I am so grateful to be up and walking and talking day and night. It would not be possible if it weren't for #cannabis #THC #CBD's . I believe I have consumed several acres of #marijuana myself. I can tell you firsthand if anybody could have had an 'overdose' 😂 it should've been me. I've taken up to 3 g of RSO and 1 g of other cannabinoids in one day and never had a bad reaction. Having said that, I must also say that I don't take 100% suttee that because of my neurological conditions #ms ... that can actually be a detriment to us if trying to rest our systems. =
Please #educate #motivate #evolve #ganja
I could not find affordable RSO today. I forgot that there are many dispensaries closed on Sundays.
Oh GAWDS NOOOOOOOOooooooo! #endprohibition #gymrat #gym

Not a single one has been sent my way.. #disappointed #whyamihere #icouldbesleeping #wastingaway

This world is what we make of it...
#WastingAway #BiteTheDust #Foreshadow

Can't wait for spring weather!! #imeancomeon #wastingaway

Final sunset in #Florida for this trip. Hey this may make a good cover for my next album! #wastingaway #vacation #timetogohome

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