Haven't yet done the video of this awesome (and mega rare) Mitsubishi Minica GSS. Hopefully this year, eh?

Had the pleasure of washing my neighbors series 1 240z today. Always a please to see this beauty 💖💖💖

Grungy 5th gen Toyota Crown Coupe! Super stylish. I totally dig it. Video? Yup: https://youtu.be/bnSGXlWQgPM

MOVE ALONG. Nothing to see here! Yeah, saw these fine 'sabi specimens on the weekend. The MX-5, the EG Honda Civic, or the AE86; which one would you save?

Spotted this rare beauty at yesterday's D1GP event. I do believe this the the very first, and only, 2nd generation Honda Integra I've seen in Japan. Doesn't sound right, does it? Grade is XSi.

ST185 💞
*Info: The special homologation rally edition of 5000 units was known as the GT-Four RC was launched in September 1991 in Japan. The export version is known as Carlos Sainz (CS) Limited Edition in Europe (in honour of their famous WRC driver), or Group A Rallye in Australia. Special features include:

a water-to-air intercooler instead of the standard air-to-air unit, which was much better suited for competition use.

different hood used to evacuate air from the engine bay rather than direct it to the intercooler (along with a small inlet duct for cambelt cooling). different bumper that is much lighter and has more openings than the standard one.

shortened shift lever throw and clutch pedal travel.

triple cone synchromesh on gears 2 and 3, up from double cone.

a special numbered plaque on the center console.

Out of 5000 units, 1800 were for Japanese market, 3000 were allocated to Europe, 150 were delivered to Australia, 25 for Singapore, and very few made a trip to New Zealand and general markets.


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I went to the #D1 event at Autopolis today. On Insta, swipe to see me & Nomura Ken (and more). Funny guy.

Spotted this at the last event I attended, and what an interesting car it is. To me it's a Holden Gemini, but we all know that's not what it is. (Or, is it??) There's an Isuzu Gemini ZZ/R sticker on the bootlid, and I'm confidant enough that that was the guise it left the factory in. Emblem on the front of the car is Opel, and emblem on the right-side boot-lid is Kadett. Such a fascinating confection.

Got a bit more progress done before the rain tomorrow, put side makers in, fixed my wiper issue by fixing the original mount, put the cowl back on, and door handles back in! #projectcar #potenza #ssr #ssrmesh #toyota #corolla #TEQ #te71 #ae86 #4age #kyusha #sasebo #佐世保 #japan #wasabicars #rustyanddusty

GREAT NEWS! Unlike 99% of the other 'Wasabi' cars I show, has been, or is in the process of being, saved. Not a great strike rate, but let's be thankful.

This pic is from my greatest-ever day of car spotting. Back in February 2014 I packed my camera and a thermos of the most ordinary instant coffee you've ever had and trekked down to Kumamoto Prefecture. That day I discovered half-a-dozen amazing locations of enthusiasts' garages, and a couple dozen 'Wasabi' cars. And, I almost fear to ask, but anyone out there not know what 'WaSabiCars' actually means? Wa = 和(Japan), and Sabi = 錆(rust), and Cars = cars. You knew that, right?

'THE' first car-related photo I ever took in Japan. It was Oct 31 2004, and it was Round 6 of the JGTC (forerunner to Super GT) held in Oita. Fast-forward to 2014, I'm a school teacher in Saga Prefecture and by some amazing coincidence I'm teaching the children of the owner of that very car. He still owns it, and operates a garage (with the coolest stuff). A garage I've been driving past on the way to work every day sine April 2017.

si Trueno ... Santai di pojokan 😁😀 *Info:
The Toyota Corolla Levin and the Toyota Sprinter Trueno are small, almost identical, lightweight, compact sports coupés which were produced by Toyota from 1972 to 2004. Levin in Old English means lightning and Trueno in Spanish means thunder. In Japan, the Corolla Levin was exclusive to Toyota Corolla Store locations, and the Sprinter Trueno was exclusive to Toyota Auto Storelocations, later renamed Toyota Vista Store in 1980.
With the second generation of the Levin and Trueno Sprinter there was a clearer difference between the two through design. Though based on the same shell the whole nose design differed totally with the Levin (TE51 & TE55) having an aggressive forward raked design while the Trueno Sprinter (TE47, TE61, TE62 & TE65) had a sleeker and more curved design. In contrast to its predecessor this second generation of Levin and Trueno Sprinter was offered with a much wider array of engines and trim. Engines ranged from the base 1.2 litre 3K engine with 64 hp to a family of 1.6 litre 2T engines with both OHV head offering 85 hp to the range-topping 2T-G engine with DOHC head also used in the previous TE27 with 115 hp from two double Mikuni carburettors and later with 110 hp from the 2T-GEU engine with a Bosch K-Jetronic EFi system. Six different trim levels were offered right from the base DX over the XL, ST, GS, SR and finally the sporty GT.


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Ada slogan "Menolak Punah", semoga benar yaaaaaa ... 😀😀👍. *info: Eterna merupakan sedan mewah produksi Mitsubishi yang diposisikan pada kasta big size sedan, tepatnya di atas Lancer DanGan. Pertama kali dikenalkan pada tahun 1988 untuk menggantikan penjualan Galant II. Nama Eterna sendiri telah digunakan pada seri pendahulunya, tepatnya versi facelift dari Galant II. Eterna gen 1 hanya dijual selama 2 tahun sebelum dipensiunkan.

Selama beredar, terdapat dua jenis eterna. Pertama bermesin SOHC karburator dan lainya bermesin DOHC injeksi. Mitsubishi Eterna terus dijual hingga tahun 1993, selanjutnya digantikan oleh kehadiran Galant Lele/Paus yang hadir bersama Lancer CB. Di segmennya, Eterna menjadi pesaing berat bagi Honda Accord Maestro, Toyota Corona Twincam dan juga Mazda 626 Capella.

Sedikit berbicara sejarah. Sebenarnya, penamaan Eterna merupakan penamaan khusus bagi Galant versi JDM yang dijual di Jepang, guna membedakan versi di tanah kelahirannya dengan versi yang beredar di luar Jepang. Namun nama Eterna di adopsi di Indonesia agar penjualannya terdongkrak. Karena pamor dari nama Galant pada versi sebelumnya selalu kalah dari para pesaing. Terbukti, penamaan Eterna menjadikan image dari Galant generasi keenam ini mengalami puncak kejayaannya. Selanjutnya, nama Eterna diganti kembali menjadi Galant untuk penerusnya.


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