Chicken Porridge for brekky 🍚

Bit*h don't act like you don't know @kristenhancher

Typical island Lyfe

Courtney is my WCW!!❤️ She’s a former CrossFit coach and athlete! Her story is similar to mine, she is tall too and just like me she tried everything under the sun after sports and college she was lost! She decided she was just the big boned girl and that’s okay. That was just her body she accepted it. (The stories we tell ourselves are pretty funny! I said the same thing!😂) The picture on the left is when she was in CrossFit and the one on the right is now! She’s just being held accountable and surrounded by support as a coach and in our virtual accountability groups and she’s doing workouts at home, following a simple meal plan and drinking her superfoods daily! 🤸‍♀️ Pretty crazy what happens when you have the right tools you can completely change your body and your life! You don’t have to do all the crazy stuff like workout for hours a day or starve yourself to see the results you want! 🙌
You said tomorrow 3 months ago....in case tomorrow is TODAY send me a quick message!😜

Avere accanto le persone giuste.. al momento giusto 🌊❤️

Drafts 🕊 @brookbaili


This beautiful angel is my woman crush! 😍❤️❤️❤️😘 #wcw #wcw😍 #wcw😍😍😍😍😍

So, let me tell you this instead, the word that was never heard.

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---#WCW @mmboston2 for doing the @comptrain.co Regionals workout with me this afternoon. Close to 90 minutes of fun we marched through together! #RestDayTomorrow #WeCantWait #SoTired #SoHungry #CrossFit #CrossFitGames #RegionalsPrep

A girl’s petty thief

When you stop and look around, the life is pretty amazing ❤️

Lights 💡, Camera 📷 &.. #behindthescenes #tbt❤️

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