Heute habe ich mein zweites Produkt publiziert und wurde von meinen Testern auseinander genommen. Nachdem man bis zu 10h am Tag am Projekt gearbeitet hat, Dates und treffen mit Freunden abgesagt hat, ist sowas immer etwas ernüchternd, aber genauso funktioniert das Spiel, was ich damit sagen möchte ist das Erfolg nicht von heute auf morgen kommt, sondern immer ein auf und ab ist. Die meisten Menschen sehen hinter dem vermeintlich Erfolg nicht die Arbeit, die man leisten musste, um zu dem Menschen zu werden der man heute ist.
Deswegen Leute, wenn ich keine Zeit habe, nehmt mir es nicht übel, die G-Klasse finanziert sich nicht von selber 😂😅

Deep healing and protection embodied in the dreamy swirls of beautiful malachite.
This powerful energy amplifier never ceases to amaze me. .
#malachite #healingstone #visionary enhancer #eye # protection #heartchakra #copper #stoneforsafetravel #balance #vitality

#Thankful for everything the Lord has #blessed me with, including another #pretty #sunny #breezy day to be alive, #TheGreatOutdoors, my #humble #yacht #CrownPrince & I'm #grateful for the #pleasant little sitting area I made on the #dock beside it. I will never despise small beginnings. Crown Prince is a 1990 37-foot #SunRunner 380 SB (Sun Bridge). It is my second #vessel (10 feet longer & 5 feet wider than my 1st #boat). My plan is to remove the twin #454Engines replacing them with #ElectricEngines which will make it an #Eboat 🛥 #NeverGiveUp on #dreams & #Visions#Visionary #writer #Entrepreneur #Conservationist #Determined #BodyOfChrist

👑Black Kemet god 🎯Black Egyptian God
4 L E A D E R S

Wow! I really struggled with the addition of a full-color palette on top of the almost-monochrome piece I had before!! I convinced myself the old version was too blue, and I already tend to using too much blue!, so I felt I needed to somehow gracefully lace at least a few additional colors.. first came pink, then yellow and finally a touch of green and orange. I picked at details for *quite* a while attempting to make it look better than the simple version I had before. In the end, I’m not really sure if I accomplished that. Or if the lesson here is more “don’t try to fix what ain’t broken”, but it has been nice playing on top of loose brushstrokes and creating dimension. Good start to my 28th year of life. 🙏
This piece is available

In order to change and do all those things that you know you want to do with your life - you’re going to have to do things that are difficult, uncertain, or scary. Break your habit of hesitating on your ideas 💡and start taking action!
📸 @_lynsey_marie

🙊🙉🙈🐒🎨Call 911 On The Police To Save Your Ass-For Fetus's-🎨🙊🙉🙈🐒-Use Guerilla Warfare Tactics...not be a Goriila...."Guerilla"...""Gorilla"...2 different things totally unrelated...at some point we will get to Guerilla Warfare....but not yet...

I am doing something wrong. I know it's wrong and I'm doing it anyway. *

This is the most vivid part of the memory. I have decided my enjoyment is more valuable than someone else's rules. *

I am six years old at St. Matthew's, a school which operates out of rec center hastily built around a church. The offense? We are to find amusement with the jungle gym, sandbox, or in playfully hounding one another. Whatever they have provided out there in the recess yard is thought to be enough. I am not allowed to ask why. My dolls--whose lives at this point I have intricately developed beyond what any young girl should think to consider--are not welcome on the playground. *

I attempt to respectfully disagree; when this gets me nowhere, I resort to subterfuge. I am six years old and this is the beginning of my love of creating worlds within myself. The dolls are the very first characters I invent; they are the kind of friends I wish for and are nowhere to be found. They are wooden, vehemently painted, with fiery eyes and magnificent gowns. They are my mother's and long before her, carved and adorned in another part of the world by a tribe who knew better how to spread fire about the body. *

I have been caught smuggling them into the sandbox several times already. Today's new and reckless plan is to hide them in the folds of my dress. I believe I am someone whose appearance they will notice as I am not among the angelic, softly dressed, cooing. I am one of the messy, scrappy, ill-equipped and dreamy. It will take years to learn to wear such a combination proudly as I have only just begun to hide it. *

When it comes time for recess, I head for the bathroom and swaddle the dolls in a fuschia cable knit pullover bent into the humidity of my assigned cubby. From this position, I shuffle them down the rounded, stubborn neckline until they halt at the waist. I rearrange their chaos until the pain subsides and I think I have something vaguely resembling breasts. *

At the center of loneliness, a voice lives that refuses to play all the games. This is what I hear when I march out into the empty room, through the now abandoned seats, and out to face the world. *

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