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Because this is worth a temporary break in the #socialmediafast
What a great day in church!!!! #hillsongoc

We hope you were encouraged by the word @PastorChrisHodges brought for the finale of Vision Weekend and learned to truly Dream Again! Seek God and start writing down those God-sized dreams!

I remember my first Vision Sunday @hillsong. Ps Brian spoke and declared this scripture over us! I remember sitting there amazed at his boldness and convictions! Amazed at how SO MUCH vision can come from a man!
I remember crying and feeling honored and in awe that God had called me to be a part of this!!!! In that moment, hillsong became HOME to me and I still have this magnet from that day reminding me how faithful God is, how good He has been to me and how my future is in His clever hands!
6 years later...... and I get to walk into VISION SUNDAY 2017 here in LA!!!! Who would have thought this would be a reality!?! I'm so grateful it is, and I can't wait to hear what we will be declaring this year!!!! #visionweekend #hillsong #hillsongla

THIS IS JUST IN! Hillsong Bali, never expected it before but it is happening!
Check it out at hillsong.com/bali.
I believe this gonna change Bali and ultimately Indonesia! Get ready!! @hillsong.bali

#youaretheone #heartandsoul #visionweekend #hillsong #hillsongbali

Here's a clip from #VisionWeekend Click the link in my bio to watch the full Vision Sunday.

|| One house, many rooms ||

One house that continues to grow and expand - I love it!😍 #ilovemychurch #hillsongglobal #hillsongchurch #home #visionweekend

As photographers, we tend to position ourselves by default at the front of the baptismal tank to capture the emotions of the baptisee front on. However there are many moments to be captured from behind, such as this shot of the son watching his dad getting baptised. #visionsunday #visionweekend #baptisms

So many amazing things coming up this year and I'm so honored to be a part of it with this supportive community! Thank You Lord for this opportunity and all this beautiful souls🙏❤
2017 is gonna be gooood!!!
#visionweekend #hillsong

Спасибо, пастор, за актуальное слово и, которое прямо в 🎯! Вот прям как с Пётром в Евангелии #немойдень 😄, но #именноты И Бог с тобой в любом моменте жизни "здесь и сейчас"! Не теряй этот свой момент "здесь и сейчас"! #visionweekend #part2 .0 #heart&soul


We hope you were encouraged by the word @PastorChrisHodges brought for the finale of Vision Weekend and learned to truly Dream Again! Seek God and start writing down those God-sized dreams!

Vision Weekend Part II. 💪
Auch an diesem schönen sonnigen Tag waren wir wieder fleißig, um neue Konzepte und Impulse auszuarbeiten... Heute ganz oben auf dem Programm "Crowdfunding"
All unsere erarbeiteten Gedanken und Ideen werden wir euch natürlich bald vorstellen, ihr dürft gespannt sein 😎

#kölnspricht #düsseldorfspricht #visionweekend #neueimpulse #neueideen #crowdfunding #brunch #kommunikation #gesprächskultur #geilestimmung #crowdlove
#veränderungen #Frühling #sonntagnachmittag

Join us today as we end off the incredible month of KidzVision! The kids have had a blast at the X-Kidz academy, discovering and learning about their God-given gifts.
9:30am & 11:30am @christianfaithcenter
#cfckidzvision #cfckidz #visionweekend

It was an incredible night with @pastorchrishodges!
If you missed tonight you'll want to be here for the final Sunday of Vision Weekend! Hear what God has for you and join us tomorrow!
Federal Way - 9:30am & 11:30am
Mill Creek - 9:30am & 11:30am
Peninsula - 10:30am

Vision Weekend!!!
Wir erarbeiten heute viele Konzepte, Ideen und erarbeiten weitere gemeinsame Projekte 🤘

Ergebnisse folgen... 😎
#kölnspricht #düsseldorfspricht #visionweekend #neueideen #konzepte #projekte #entwicklung
#zukunftskonzepte #diskutieren #arbeitsgruppen #wohngemeinschaft #köln

Young Adults! Vision concludes this weekend and we have @pastorchrishodges
to send it off in a BIG way. Be here for any of our service times below.
Saturday at 6pm in FW
Sunday at 9:30am/11:30am in FW or MC
10:30am at PN

This is it! Vision Weekend concludes in a BIG way with @PastorChrisHodges founding and senior Pastor of Church of the Highlands. So join us Saturday at 6pm in Federal Way and don't miss a single word that God has just for you!

If you haven't made it out to any of the guest speakers for our vision conference.. it's our last weekend for vision and you don't want to miss out on this one.
#ChrisHodges #ChristianFaithCenter #visionweekend #comeandrecievetheword

We will live with expectancy. #VisionWeekend #HeartForTheHouse

"Consumers want to keep experiencing the miracle, contributers want to be part of the miracle." @micahncarter
We hope you were blessed this past weekend with such a dynamic word from our guest Micahn Carter!
We couldn't be more thankful for having him with us and bringing such an empowering message!
#VisionWeekend #CFCLife

How can we pray for you today? #VisionWeekend

Sunday Nights are on! Join us at 6pm TONIGHT in Federal Way and Mill Creek.
Federal Way! Don't forget we have our #VisionWeekend guest @MicahnCarter in the house and bringing the word. So invite everyone because it's definitely a night not to miss. See you there!

"Feeding people and sharing the love of Jesus. That's what it's all about." - Andrew #MakeAMeal #VisionWeekend

Families helping families at #MakeAMeal today!
#VisionWeekend #MyHeartGodsHouse #StuartFL

WOW! All these amazing people waiting in line to help #MakeAMeal , we can't do what we do without you. Thank you!
#VisionWeekend #MyHeartGodsHouse #StuartFL

We are still making meals, they just finished theirs! Hurry out & help #MakeAMeal
#VisionWeekend #StuartFL

We are coming together to make meals that will impact our region as well as war torn areas in the Middle East. Don't miss this opportunity to share the gospel through the simple gift of food. Every box is being prayed over & every person that this food will reach is being prayed for.
#MakeAMeal #VisionWeekend #MyHeartGodsHouse #StuartFL

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