I'd still rather have the cheeto man than Hillary. It's hilarious the corruption, manipulation, and violation of democratic principles that went into her getting the nomination. Credit @moa_wearemoa #berniewouldhavewon #couldahadbernie #riggedelection #literallygotcaughtriggingit #shewillhaveyoukilled #vincefoster

Did you know during the Iran Contra thing the planes of Coke coming from S A were landing on a airstrip in rural Arkansas? Guess who was the Governor? Why you think they was Banging in Little Rock? The government put the Rock there like they did the Ghettos. Ask Rick Ross. Not the commissioner. Not the corrections officer. The Real Freeway Ricky Ross. He'll tell you. Oh yeah. #vincefoster #irancontra #reparations #olivernorth #cointelpro #mkultra ps George Bush was director of the CiA seen people die for long time. He orchestrated the Kennedys assassinations. For The Love of Money. ☠️

Ah but look at the Ghost stories rising from the corner. Mighty fine pen markings #tedgunderson left on his #vincefoster report to, it's why it inspired me to make sure in red Mueller actions days before the LA riots as a former district attorney never be forgotten. On my screen capture of that paper where I underlined Ted and Roberts names, I left in the sentences above to the article I found it in and what it was referencing to. The man who wrote that big article was bothered that week. I'm sure this won't happen again. Oh and those bothering #hannity to #stewwebb leave them alone, angels are watching, they are are the right side of humanity, rising it does. Like a titanic of truth. More and more celebrities speak every day. Someone thought to esp test talent and creatives most, that was a very bad idea. Minds are meant to be free, you don't test what's bigger then the test itself. Creativity is devinity. Do math.

#hagoodman gets two posts because his wardrobe is now as cool as his #art choices. For once someone does a news show with proper visuals that don't mindmess people in ways known by producers who do. #thankgod #greatart makes #greatnews #vincefoster that's the case file #tedgunderson left that unravels the web. It's not even about #menaairport #tedgundersonsreport on #vincentfoster is about esp and misuse of covert government technologies of voice to skull and electronic harassment and even goes onto telepathy and healing the blinde. #truestory I wonder is it what Hillary wrote about to that porn star she had a long term pen pal relationship with where she asked about her working conditions. Personally when I meet people in that industry the only questions we ever pondered were how to free them from it. #womensrights

#tedgunderson bio, #cicada3301 truth, #cathyobrien has most posts then she did two years ago when I posted this, #hagoodman shows why placing great art behind him while filming works in time, #charlottethomsoniserbyt #deliberatedumbingdownofamerica shows how secret societies raise brilliant daughters despite their madness and also how Regan hired her as a wonderful leader in education during his administration to this day. The rest of these images are about #love love for artifacts as nature and in reallife. Earth's treasures. All of it. Oh and the #silvamindhypnosis best pray the mrs.silva who hypnotized only God knows how many high iq kids for esp tests in New London, CT wasn't related to the man who wrote that book or the Javitz center and the rest of government who allowed that gifted class nonsense to go on this many decades unresolved is in for a great big surprise. Hiding esp tests on kids is one thing but to humanity. Even the #menwhostareatgoats film scatters the pentagon to the wind more then any fake reality show ever can to this day. #powerofthemind give me a break. PentagonJFK's spirt ghost sees you now and not even any weird artifact kept hidden by any weird group can memory erase or effect the truth of this planets entire #conspiracyofsilence now. #peace

#vincefoster shot himself on the head. Twice. The guy was terrible at suicide.

#vincefoster #menaairport #pilots always check whats in the cooler you are flying. #robertmueller @rogerjstonejr grow up. Telepathy all that shut this country illegally tested for has their confidence back to understand what that means and lies and secret clubs don't mean shit. Reparations don't follow me and use me like your *. Honor this government. U follow me @rogerjstonejr reparations don't take 35 years for me to receive. I broke the esp tests and then went off and found the papers like a legal *ING citizen. Who the f do u all think u power of the iq are. U insult me. Reparations do not take 35 years and a lifetime to give. R u all evil. Yes I think so. Only evil humans do this to me. Esp test that.

This is Victoria Woodhull the first woman to run for President in 1872. So @hillaryclinton you are and will never be the first woman to run for President. I am sure Victoria is turning in her grave at the mockery you have made of your time in congress. #crookedhillary #clintoncash #haiti #whitewaterscandal #benghazi #emailgate #murder #vincefoster #lewinsky #travelgate #garywebb #filegate #pardongate #bosniasniperlie #clintonfoundationfraud #speakingfees and the list goes on and on. All you #killaryhillary fans need to open your eyes to who you are supporting. This is like the Jews supporting Hitler after the killing of millions of Germans and German speaking people.

Google #VinceFoster she killed him!

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