Quem queira dividir sorriso
Quem seja abrigo
Quem te olhe e te contemple
Quem esteja contigo em dias não tão faceis
Quem saiba aproveitar os dias felizes
Quem queira mais presença do que ausência
Quem esteja disposto a viver
Quem admire mais o contato, do que curtidas
E de tanto vasculhar
De tanto se perder
Eis que sem querer, se depara com o espelho
E daí a grande verdade
Tudo que almeja estava em VOCÊ
Se encontre
Se perdoe
Se ame!
Por : @lulimacr

In 1916, as part of Britain’s many monitors made from left over naval guns, someone had the bright idea to create submersible battleship! Not really of course, but a submarine with a very.. very big gun. The first was dubbed HMS M-1, weighing 1,940 tons, 300 ft in length and could go 15 knots on the surface; armed with one 3 inch deck gun, four 18 inch torpedo tubes, and a 12 inch gun just forward of the conning tower! These submarines, Ms 1, 2, and 3, were designed to surface near the shore and bombard enemy positions using their big gun. Descent idea, didn’t do so well in practice and the three sisters had a more or less unremarkable wartime career. M-1 would go on to survive the war and the slight thinning of older or odder ships in the Royal Navy. She’d usually practice in exercises and maneuvers with the fleet, but this would inexplicably cause disaster in 1925. On November 12th of that year, M-1 was submerged for war games on the western end of the English Channel. Another ship in the busy lanes of the channel at the time was a Swedish freighter, Vidar. The weather at the time wasn’t exactly calm and the motions of going up and down with occasional vibrations became accustomed to her crew. There was one particular shutter that was more jarring than the others and her captain thought at first they hit a submerged object, but as there was no flooding he’d check it later at port. Finally he made it to Stockholm, but news came a Royal Navy submarine had gone missing in the English Channel, and he thought then to the impact with something mysterious, immediately they checked Vidar. The British came back with news of remnants of M-1’s paint workings being on Vidar’s keel, they sank accidentally M-1 with all 70 of her crew. #submarine #royalnavy #navy #british #warship #ship #maritime #history #photo #1916 #1925 #2018 #wwi #ww1 #disaster #tragedy #nosurvivors #vidar #peacetime #collision #bigguns #englishchannel #lestweforget #hmsm1 #m1

Let’s call it a day. I will finish it shortly. Side packs and weapons and the beast is done.
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Um dos filhos de Odin está pronto pra entrar na batalha HOJE: Um sabor inconfundível desse picles, bicho! É a combinação perfeita com nosso burger padrão, cheddar derretido, alface americana, tomate cereja, a doçura da cebola caramelizada e nossa maionese especial da casa.
Tudo isso ACOMPANHADO de batata frita ( chips ou palito ) e refrigerante ( lata grande ) ou suco por R$ 18,90!!! 🍔🍟🥒🍺🍻🥤
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Jösses... inte konstigt att vi fick ett ryckte ända ner i #lund 😂... #vidar levererade 👍

vad Brunkeberg 1471
Breitenfeld 1631
Tåget över bält 1658
Lund 1676
Narva 1700
Svensksund 1790 är för Sverige är Vidar för mig, min största seger i livet!💙💛💙💛 #pålspetsaren #vidar #carolusrex #scheel

Chill’ Sunday ✌🏼 @bastefall ligger i soffan och kollar wimbledonfinalen från 1980 😂 #tuva #vidar #kattenfrasse #chillsunday

Inner frame of Gundam vidar, ima go through this post rlly quick so nothing much to say here
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Quality over quantity ✨👌

➡️ Att fäktas med en käpphäst!🐎🗡💙 #vidar #farmor #barnbarn

Here’s my first batch with my new airbrush. It’s not as awful as expected. Some parts are showing a nice orange peel XD but somehow it’s honest job and I am hapoy with the result.
The evolution is a very nice tool there is nothing to be afraid of it does all the job alone what you need in the other hand is a steady arm and patience.
I’ll keep posting more of my work ;)
#gunpla #harderandsteenbeck #vallejo #gundam #vidar #plamo

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