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Making my way to victory, am on a journey to greatness and on a mission to succeed, so help me God. #victoryismine #destinedforgreatness #successfulwomen

Wh0 #thot they HAD SUM #koolaid !?!? HahahAwhaw.. #love #vingrhames AZZ... #hoover #gang ! #inglewood #california ♡ my sh*T,yaawL..:::. @tyrese .. #mama g0tta havva #life , t00... ;) #babyboy × #daddyshome × #morningmotivation ::: #luxurylifestyle × #slumericanmade × #slumerican#happy #blackhistorymonth !!!!!! ☆♡•spRi.inkLEs•♡☆ @sony × #entertainment ■■■■■■

i have had my share of disappointments but they don't compare to my blessings #godfirst🙏 #2018myyear #victoryismine

I was sure I was gonna gain weight this week with all the Girl Scout cookies I ate. Honestly, though, I did a pretty good job and not going CRAZY overboard like I have I the past. Which is maybe why I actually LOST weight this week!!!
I’m out of the 240s!!!! I am doing the biggest happy dance!!!! It has been probably about 4 years since I’ve been at that weight!!!! And the 240s is where my body is very comfortable at being so it was no surprise to me that it was such a struggle to get out of that place! Aaahhhhh I’m just so happy!!!! -stick to your calorie goals
-drink your water
-and trust the process.
That’s my 3 step plan
Although I definitely STILL need MORE water! But I used to drink NONE so I’m doing better than that at least! #progressnotperfection

Fy fan va jag är bra. ✌

Med spett, varmluftspistol, skruvmejsel och handarbetssticka tog det mig 2 timmar att laga min värmeluftspump som isat igen completely! (Ja - jag har ett eget spett, mycket användbart!) #jäkligtnöjd #kanallt #snöhelvete #ishelvete #vinterhelvete #frysersåjagskakar #victoryismine

This picture right here has to be my favorite one so far... it makes me laugh so hard. You can see the succession of what happened as the pictures go on.
As we were walking up to take our picture on the tractor Aiden reads the sign that says no climbing on the tractor and proceeds to tell livie (who had already run up ahead to the tractor) that she needs to get off because that is against the rules. Well livie was ticked that he rained on her climbing parade and gave him the biggest scowl with clenched fists and a grunt of course he had the biggest smile on his face because well #victoryismine in his eyes because everyone is following the rules. We finally get her to smile because we tell her that we are going to the Ariel ride next and all is right with the world again. Sheesh!
I seriously look at this picture just to get a little chuckle now. Love my kiddos and their personalities. It will come in handy one day until then they will use it to drive me and each other nuts!!! #addiefamilyadventures #aidenhouser #oliviacarroll #noclimbingonthetractor #ughbigbrothers #annoyinglittlesister

My dating life in a nutshell💁🏾‍♂️

Sometimes, it's a simple word and it's exactly what you need. Continuing the good fight, daily!! #spiritualgrowth #thankyouGod #blessed #Godword #Godsgotit #trustingGod #Victoryismine #staystrong #courageous

👏🏻 Excited about tomorrow night 👏🏻❗️We will talk about in a world 🌎 where it seems so much is going wrong, that there is in fact VICTORY for your life 🙌🏻! Make plans to join us at 6:30 in the HUB. #Victory #VictoryIsMine

Champions for Sure!!!! ENOUGH SAID... #andweWONanotherBattle #victoryismine

🌺 No, I don’t deserve to be disrespected or treated poorly for any reason.
🌸 No, I won’t feel guilty in setting boundaries to protect my mind, body, and energy.
🌻No, I don’t have to accept or settle for foolishness of any kind.
👑 I am ready to manifest my abundance, I am worthy to receive my blessings #speaklife #victoryismine #fenominalme

How TERRIFIC is your Tuesday?!?
I'm willing to bet there is something great happening in your day today - even if it is something very small & seemingly insignificant.
Today started out rough, but I am celebrating the fact that I no longer have to wear the wrist brace all the time!!! 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️
The old brace was replaced with a shiny new, slightly smaller (CLEAN 🤣) one that only has to be worn during strenuous activity. 🙌🏼
So what awesomeness is happening on your Tuesday?
#celebratethesmallstuff #victoryismine #momwin #dotherightthing #celebrationtime

And you thought winter was over... #victoryismine #pdxsnow #rainnoshine

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