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Good evening. Tonight's dinner is a grilled chicken fajita bowl made with organic free range chicken, red and green bell peppers, red onion, mushrooms, zucchini, brown cilantro lime rice, avocado, refried beans, salsa and corn. Topped with cilantro and lime juice. It's seriously a bowl full of bliss. Have a great night!

Oh my goodness😱 Look at these beauties!!! They just make my eyes feast and my mouth is currently watering😯 Isn't Amanda aka @raw_manda the queen of #summerrolls ?! I need to improve my rolling skills! The good news is that all the gorgeous fruits are coming, I can't wait to have fun in the kitchen making fancy and delicious recipes😋
You guys have a good evening 😘🌹
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Tropical Pineapple Smoothies!!🌴
Tag a friend you'd share with!
Yay for fresh #pineapple !!😍🍍 Throwback to the tropical oasis heh heh!!🤗☀️ Tropical may just be one of my all time favorite foods, I just envision sunshine and aqua blue waters with relaxing island music! 🎶 Pure paradiseeee😎
Light yellow: pineapple
Pink: strawberries + coconut cream
Green: banana + kale + squeezed lime
Dark purple: blueberries + couple cherries
Fruits: Spiral pineapple, kiwi
#kiwi #lime #banana #oregon
#blueberry #strawberry

Now which one would you prefer 😁? -------------------------------
#Yellow 👉🏻 Sweetest
#Pink 👉🏻 Prettiest
#White 👉🏻 Lowest sugar content
That's the answer to the frequently asked question about Dragon fruit / Pitaya! 💕

🇺🇸/🇬🇧 Good morning sunshines ☀️
Thinking about making this chocolate chip banana bread again this weekend 🤔 Who's with me? 🍌🙌🏼
You can find the recipe on my blog {link in bio}! Post is in French, but recipe is also in English at the end of the post 😉
Happy FriYAY 😘
🇫🇷 Bonjour tout le monde ☀️
Je pense refaire un banana bread aux pépites de chocolat ce weekend 🤔 Qui est avec moi? 🍌🙌🏼
Vous pouvez retrouver la recette sur le blog {lien dans ma bio}!
Bonne journée 😘😘
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Just when you though spring had sprung and then the cold weather makes a come back, at least I have the classic vegan curry staple to get me though; dhal/dal (however you spell it) 😅 what are your favourite vegan curries?

Glass noodle veggie Harissa Wok with roasted Tofu. Harissa - my obsession lately. You requested the tofu recipe, here is how: I don't know the exact measure but I'm sure you'll do great playing around a bit. I used about 2 tbsp Tamara sauce, 1 tsp harissa, 1 tbsp maple syrup, garlic flakes and soaked it about 30 minutes.
Cook tofu in a frying pan until golden brown (both sides). You won't need oil if you use a non-stick pan :**.

Tonight's post-spin dinner is turmeric cauli, bell pepper, broccoli, and mushrooms all roasted with @chosenfoods avocado oil, sea salt, black pepper, and garlic with @safecatchfoods elite tuna (code allroads = 10% off) mixed with red onion and @chosenfoods wasabi avocado oil mayo over baby kale tossed in a bit of lemon juice and EVOO.
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I love the things I randomly find at the Walmart here in our city. The other day I found kid pasta in the shape of elephants that was actually healthier (made with whole grains) than the spaghetti I usually buy.
Um yes please!
Dinner came together in 10 minutes as I used leftover tomato soup to make VEGGIE MARINARA with ELEPHANT PASTA 😋


Astuce-santé du jour
**Redécouvrir les produits laitiers et substituts**
Faire des trempettes pour crudités à base de yogourt grec

Vous avez déjà entendu parler de remplacer les trempettes pour crudités à base de mayonnaise pour des trempettes à base de yogourt grec? Plusieurs d’entre vous savez que le yogourt grec est beaucoup moins gras et plus protéiné que la mayonnaise, rendant les trempettes à base de yogourt grec plus intéressantes sur le plan nutritionnel.

C’est bien beau, mais comment rend-on du yogourt grec nature goûteux?

Voici la réponse: trois belles recettes de trempettes à base de yogourt grec nature! Trempette BBQ fumée, trempette à la mexicaine et trempette moutarde et miel. Chaque mini-recette produit 1/3 de tasse de trempette, juste assez pour remplir un petit mot Mason.

Visitez le blogue pour les recettes!

#moisdelanutrition #moisdelanutrition2017 #nutritionmonth #healthy #sante #yogourt #yogourtgrec #greekyogurt #greekyogurtdip #veggies #crudites #legumes #dip #trempette

The last day in the Maldives we did some exploring on the main island in Hulhumale. Found this gem! Thank you Ocean Grand Restaurant for having delicious vegan options. So amazing! 😍💚😋 #Cravings #Fresh #PlantBased #Veggies #WhatVegansEat #VeganFoodShare #Delicious #Vegan #Crueltyfree #Maldives #Dining #VeganFoodShare @hotel.ocean.grand

Vacation meal prep!! 🏄🏼🌞
One of the hardest things about vacations is having to spend so much money on junk food & going out to eat! Especially if you have allergies or are eating a plant-based diet, you're so limited... it's never a guarantee you'll find something you can eat. 🤦🏽‍♀️
SO... I packed two days worth of meals and snacks and will make another stop at the grocery store to restock. 🚶🏽‍♀️
Here I have: power balls (made w @sunwarriortribe... check last post), cucumber/tomato salad, zucchini & carrots to dip in hummus, broccoli lentil stir fry, & a green salad. 🌿🤙🏼🌱
Not pictured: overnight oats, a shiz load of fruit (banana, plum, mandarin orange, guava) pickles, @purely_elizabeth granola, @larabar, roasted pumpkin seeds, raw almonds, dates, lemons for my morning lemon water, & a jug of spring water! 💕💕💕
Hope these ideas help. Have a great weekend cuties! ✌🏼😘

Literrally, after midterms and sugar cravings and mothers day( cheat meal), had to do a detox diet. My lunch meal 😋 healthy and light #veggies #protein

Nothing feels better than working your tail off and reaping some hard earned results 😆 #minus25 #herbalife #herbahero #Sarjfit #loseweightnowaskmehow #healthyeating #fitmom #veggies #protein #wildberryismyfavoriteflavor #formula1 #cellularnutrition follow the link in my bio to change your life today💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Can you guess the name of this fruit/vegetable?
..Repost/ @litsomboon
For new detox/healthy cakes recipes/ smoothies ideas and MORE➡ FOLLOW my other ACCOUNT👉@smoothies_n_co
Use #hydrovegan to be featured

Red, orange, yellow and green .. what else do you need..?! Peas, a tomato, a carrot, a potato and leafy greens 🍃 💚 tell me 💭 what else do you need..?! You may like it or you may not like any of these, no worries 💭 earth has a lot to offer and you're always free to choose whatever suit your taste and needs, as Allah said in his holly Qur'an : ( It is he who sends down rain from the sky, from it you drink and out of it grows the vegetation on which you feed on, With it He produces olives, palms, grapes and every kind of fruit, verily in this is a sign for those who give thought ). 💚 .

أحمرٌ ، برتقاليً ، أصفرً ، وأخضر .. ماغير ذلك تحتاجُ إلية..؟! بازلاء ، طماطم ، جزرٌ ، بطاطس ، وورقيات خُضر 💚🍃 ، حدثنيً 💭 ماغير ذلك تحتاجُ إليه..؟! رُبما تُعجبك ورُبما لا ، لا قلق ، الأرض لديها الكثيرّ من النعم لتُقدمه وأنت حُر تماماً لتختار مايُناسب ذوقِك وحاجتك ، فكما قال الله تعالى في كتابة الكريم : ( هو الذي أنزَل من السمَاء ماءً لكُم منه شرابٌ ومنه شجرٌ فيه تُسيمُون * يُنبتُ لكم به الزرًع والزيتُون والنخيل والأعناب ومِن كُل الثمرات إنً في ذلك لآيةً لقومٍ يتفكرُون ) صدق الله العظيم 💚. .

اللهُم لك الحمًد حمًداً يليق بك ، الحمَدلك يارب دائماً وأبداً 🍃. .
#photo #food #delicious #veggies #vegetables #goodness #earth #thankful #photography #foods #foodie #nature #natural #mobile_camera .
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