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Amazing video from the Abbotsford Tulip Festival (@abbotsfordtulipfestival) by @heliwoodmedia 🌷🌷🌷
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In the wild safari, a fierce Sarah bursts through the grassland and watches over her prey🐯. The froyo does not hear Sarah as she slithers her way to attack🍦. The froyo is frozen by the venomous strike of Sarah’s tongue. Listen as she cackles in victory of her conquer. This is today’s segment of Predator and Prey. 🍃🐅🦌🍨🍃 New YouTube video is up, link in my bio! I promise it's not all weird ☺️💜#PleaseRereadInAnAussieAccent #PredatorAndPrey #ANaturalGeographicSegmentBySarahR #TheFroyoDidNotSurvive

#Repost @ksenia.penkina with @repostapp
My mirror glaze recipe, its cooking process & techniques available now through "entry level" master class here 👉🏻kseniapenkina.com 🌎 video is available worldwide 🙌🏻
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A very fresh afternoon to me & a good night's sleep to all of you 😘
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فرودگاه ونكوور كانادا/
ويدئو از @mnpkzt
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Completely the same, but definitely different right?


The second round of @beta5chocolates #BETAtests: This is not a coffee ☕️ break…

Art, and design informs a great deal of work at Beta5. From Dali to Pacasso, surrealism attempts to “resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality”. Sounds super simple.

This is not a donut… 🍩
… but it IS an intriguing cream puff. While you can’t dip it, it is filled with alternating pockets of espresso - dark chocolate creme and tobacco - white chocolate whipped ganache, then finished with a pink chocolate glaze. This sprinkles tie it tighter to make illusion into reality. Fiction into fact. Coffee in donuts, since 2017.

This is not a cigarette 🚬 (or an espresso)…
… but it IS a delicious candy bar. While you can’t smoke or drink it, the cigarettes and espresso shots are filled with layers of a vegetal green juice ganache, a wellness-inducing jelly of lemon, ginger and cayenne, and finished with a touch of toasted coconut praline. If you’re going to smoke, do it right becuase this tastes good, the way a cigarette never could. And the coffee… it’s good to the last drop.

Today I woke up thinking it was Wednesday #LOUD #LOUDphoto #truestory

In Vancouver training for micro needling
This is great for anti aging and scarring!
Ps my face was numbed prior to the treatment
Stay tuned for more info and pricing
#vancouver #yvr #training #microneedling #dermalneedling #calgary #yyc #calgaryladies #calgarywomen #nopain #calgarybeauty

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