Abiogeneisis” by Burial Invocation

Cover art by Dan Seagrave
This latest by Dark Descent Records might be one of my favourites from them in general. Like would ya just look at that album cover??? We got some cool as shit going on here boys. Now this album got better the more I listened to it and by that I mean the songs get better towards the back half of the album. That’s not to say that the first couple of tracks are bad or anything it’s just that there’s something particularly cringeworthy about the vocals here that’s a bit of an acquired taste. No it’s not that they’re growled, it’s not that they don’t change really at all and it’s especially not because you can’t understand what they’re saying. It’s because…they kinda groove? And this groove, kinda makes parts of the album sound, like they’re grown up Nu-Metal. Now this isn’t a bad thing ostensibly, it just takes until halfway through the title track for this aspect of the album to kinda settle down and find it’s own little niche. Once it does though, this album is the majestical downward spiral into BROOD and GLOOM. The best track being “Phantasmagoric Transcendence” a fucking ride and a half with a focus on guitar motifs, long slow chord progressions and one of the most satisfying conclusions I’ve heard in a black metal album all year. Whilst I didn’t hate the track which concludes the album with a piano and violin instrumental, it definitely isn’t as satisfying as the previously mentioned one and it kinda leaves you with a bad taste on the album. Yet, still without a doubt this is one of the cooler death metal albums of the year and I strongly advise a bump or two.

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Home from my second day at the new gig, mad groceries to put away and missing my sweet boy...going into my first of 4 days without him always stings, especially in this sleeping town in which I live. Back home I have many friends/fam to connect with, many places of roots familiarity but that is not the deal out here. Still, I push forward and do this thing to achieve the happiness and balance I have always sought. I am committed to my son and let’s face it, there’s worse places to be stuck than wine country NorCal. Just gotta keep pushing ahead as I’ve done for 3 years now. I’ve been getting somewhere all along but I’m still not satisfied. Trying to let go of the resentment, anger and accept this path to do the very best with it. “New life in place of old life...unscarred by trials” Pantera ~ Vulgar Display. 1992 Atco, reissue on double 180g gatefold ⚜️

Saturday night at the bar 🍸🍹
Max supervising as always, and the soundtrack on point 👌🤘

REST IN PEACE... you're work expanded the reality of what drummers are capable of. Your work impacted my life so much.
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Let's go Caps. Vulgar display of Flowers 4.5/5 #forthecup #vulgardisplay #flowers #capscapscaps #equilibrium

BAD-FIXXXER ライブ告知です!
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If you ever been to @afflictionclothing and toured @josemangin’s studio - you’ve seen this very #VulgarDisplay of my imagery in his upstairs office - All the images on this wall are images I’ve captured of our rock n roll heroes over the years... these images were custom framed by me, there are no 2 alike. •

I’ll be showing several new pieces of my imagery in an assortment of different custom frames in my own studio on April 7 and 8th from 11am - 6pm during the #BreweryArtwalk #DTLA
This is one of very few and far between opportunities to grab a piece of my work.. custom framed, mounted and printed by a professional studio on #Kodak Endura #Metallic paper that will last for over 100 years - •

check the link in my profile for more info on attending the event and follow @breweryartwalk to get a peek at the many different artist friends and neighbors work that will also have open studios next weekend. Roll through and say hi! 🤘🏽☠️🤘🏽

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