a turkish saga tells the story of 'Mehmed, the conquerer'. a few centuries ago, this complete moron - never ever been on a ship at all - somehow got a decent ship plus crew by a big gun Sultan. being tasked to discover and conquer new territories for the 'Ottoman Rich', he set sail. two days later he bacame hopelessly homesick. in his private captain's cabin he shed more tears than the seven seas could bear. so he made up an excuse to report big gun Sultan why he came back way earlier than expected. the following story he came up with returning to his home port cost him his head by the way. but it was (considering he was a fully retarded narrow-minded dickhead) a reasonable story. he reported, that the further he departed from his beloved Turkey the sun always follwed him and knowing that the people in Turkey who were mostly farmers depend on the sun to make sure to rake in a lush harvest he returned back home believing the sun would follow him only. well, the Sultan cut his head off but the farmers honoured him with a monument. not a big one, not a one made from alloy cast iron or copper, not an impressive one, not a one located at the city center, not a one not not not not not anything but a wodden one-legged scarecrow at the end of the town with a jumper on set up by poor farmers. however, since a few centuries 'Mehmed, the conquerer' is the patron saint of all who depend on sunshine to make their living... / #UnsungTurkishHeroes #TurkishFairytales #scarecrow #davidinturkey
NOTE: 'Mehmed' is the turkish form of arabic 'Mahmud', meaning 'praiseworthy'. looks like 'Mehmed' finally got his praise.

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