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Remaining. ☘️🇮🇪🇪🇺💚 #europe #unitednotdivided #togetherisbetter #loveourneighbours

Not only was I able to go out and protest to defend DACA. I was able to meet this beautiful soul. She like myself, and many other DACA recipients knows the struggle. #placitaolvera #defenddaca #elpueblounidojamasseravencido #unitednotdivided

It's tough to put into words the heartbreak we feel sometimes. From natural devastation, the senseless violence in Vegas today, and for our family personally, such tremendous loss and death lately. Tonights class with @anngoconnell and these amazing women nurtured my body, heart, and mind- and has me ready for Tuesday. There is much work to be done, and support to give. One breath and step at a time. #gratefulheart #unitednotdivided #selfcareishealthcare #solidandsteadyisthenewhardandfast

Saw this Sign on campus and had to get behind it. #unitednotdivided #dacaprotest #civilrightsmovement2017

I get lonely sometimes.
Y'all must think it's a breeze being me, rest assured it is not.
Sometimes I want a hug, instead I go walk alone.
Sometimes I want to be hugged, but I push the hugger away from me.
My brain is a fucking mess.
Consciousness doesn't come from Brain.
Consciousness comes from Source.
There is NO THING easy for a human. All this shit, this fucking MING, these stories that people tell that have zero use to anyone else drive me mad.
I get frustrated, I get SO frustrated.
In the model of Human Design, i will say this. I am a warrior Buddha. My brain is set to fight or flight, and I'll die before I run from a motherfucking thing. Scars are sexy AF, where you been?
The Buddha inside of me wants nothing. The Buddha inside of me IS peace.
The warrior inside of me is fearless, constantly fighting every step he takes, he knows ZERO chill and is willing to go down with the ship at a MOMENTS notice.
I don't care about your opinions of me, not even a little. My self worth is not based on the opinions of others, it is based on my potential to heal this Earth and all the cray cray motherfuckers inhabiting her, killing each other senselessly for Gold, Oil, Drugs, ya know? The good shit.
We have been called from distant places to awaken the human race in defense of this sacred earth.
If that isn't a calling I don't know what the fuck is. No wonder the system tells you you aren't enough.
Be the change and your tribe will find you.
They will love you so fucking hard that you'll finally feel home on this Earth.
I don't know much, but I know that LOVE is the highest vibration, the MOST HIGH.
Love is the Most High.
Do not seek within mankinds degenerate churches for answers to the Nature of the ALL.
Seek within.
Soul knows the course.
This is why I am fearless.
I let go of the biggest fear of All.
The fear of others opinions of you.
When you let go of this, you ARE free.
No one has power over you.
This is the GIFT.
They DO NOT.
Alpha males don't run in packs, but I do find comfort with my Dog friends.
Life isn't easy for anyone, at ALL.

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We hear you @amberbmahoney 🙌🙌🙌 and we love your talent | thanks @girlgazeproject ❤ | demonstration outside Trump Tower (November 2016) | who knew then it would get even worse a year later? #unitednotdivided #wearetheworld #lovetrumpshate

#Mexico has their own problems with their death tolls passing 200+ yet still found time to help brothers and sisters of #borinquén #unitednotdivided

🐺 #unitednotdivided 🐵

Baby meets a dog for first time #unitednotdivided


Happy snow day friends! ❄️❄️ In other news, if you haven’t heard: we are road tripping to Onething 2017 in Kansas City for News Years 12/27-1/1 & we have a spot for YOU! Look at this worship lineup! 👆👆👆 It’s gonna be 🔥🔥🔥 Discounted tickets & lodging are only $125 & we have scholarships available! This trip is open to anyone & we are in need of a few more drivers! (You & those riding with you would split gas⛽️) // DM us or comment below if you’d like more info & wanna get signed to join us! **link in bio to learn more about the conference!**

Have you seen our instastory yet?! We’re heading to Onething 2017 in Kansas City [Dec. 27th-Jan 1st] for New Years & we have space for YOU! Todd White, Francis Chan, Jeremy Riddle, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, the whole IHOP crew, & more! We’ll be road tripping there from ATL & have discounted tickets & lodging for only $125 total [gas+food not covered] // If you’ve never been before be prepared for a life changing end to 2017! Message us or comment below if you are interested in coming & to get more info! **link in our bio to learn more about the conference🔥**

Our staff crew had the best time getting to hang with these world changers of @ignitemovement1 this week! Honored to have them in the ATL for a couple days & so blessed by the work God is carrying out through Ignite Movement🔥

We hear you @amberbmahoney 🙌🙌🙌 and we love your talent | thanks @girlgazeproject ❤ | demonstration outside Trump Tower (November 2016) | who knew then it would get even worse a year later? #unitednotdivided #wearetheworld #lovetrumpshate

Repost from @subjectmatterart .
We know we keep mentioning our @futureofwomen curation, but that’s just because we are so damn proud of it and the artists we included ❤ check it out on Subject Matter or the #WOMENMADE, alongside some other inspiring female-run brands 💪 This image taken in Bhutan by the awesome @catvinton #wearesubjectmatter #wearetheworld #unitednotdivided #futureofwomen #celebrate #curate #connect #artisforeveryone .
#WOMENMADE is a collaborated between @subjectmatterart and @futureofwomen and a whole host of other amazing women-led brands.

Feeling endless gratitude for the incredible people that have entered my life this year🙏🏻 🕊🍂🧡#thanksgiving #gratitude #friendship #friendsarefamily #unitednotdivided #navajo #powwow #happiness #dance

An outstanding #ecumenical #Thanksgiving service with my great clergy colleagues from the Clarke County Ministerial Association. What a night! #Episcopal #unitednotdivided

Ive heard it said so many ways that "your biggest breakthrough comes right after your biggest battle" or that "God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers" or "The greatest storms come right before the greatest victories". Well after these past battles there must be one heck of a breakthrough and victory coming for us cause what the enemy has tried to divide is now coming back full forced! This TEAM will stand TOGETHER through it all. If he only knew what we were gonna be after the storm he wouldn't have even bothered us! #TheComptonCalling #StrongerTogether #NoOneFightsAlone #TheVictoryIsOurs #ReachTheOne #MinistryTeam #UnitedNotDivided #NiceTrySatanButYouLost

Love the team! Let’s make this happen! #UnitedNotDivided

These are words, not insults. #unitednotdivided

Love is love

“Under the sky, under the heavens, there is but one family.”
-brucelee #positive #Jesus #family #oneblood #kingdomovereverything #unitednotdivided

Oh, was there a game in the Plains? I️ was there to see these loves ❤️/💙 #unitednotdivided

To #ALL our past & current #ServiceMembers (#straight, #gay, #male, #female, #trans, etc) I #appreciate each & every one of you & your service to #protect my #freedoms! You are all #brave and #loved #THANKYOU !! I have a lot of family members & friends who have served & are very #grateful and #proud of them and their #selfless acts to protect our country #VeteransDay #USA #ProudAmerican #TheseHardTimesWillPass #Faith #ForThePeopleByThePeople #UnitedNotDivided #ILoveMyCountry #NoHate #OnlyLove & #Compassion & we will get through #Anything 🇺🇸❤️🙏🏼

"We are a temple of a living God" Corinthians" 6:16

God is in the hearts of all people, United as One, All Gods Children. All hearts beat as One. 💞

#God #OneGod #yeshua #Yaweh #Monotheist #GodsTempleWithin #Church #Worship #Pray #Grace #miraclesdoexist #unitednotdivided #EternalLove #GodsGrace 🙏

P:©Steve McCurry #SteveMcCurry #stevemccurryphoto @nationalgeographicpictures

Our next visiting artist and friend-in-residence @cryptk has spread his positive vibrations around the world and shares our mission of using art as a platform for the greater good of humanity and the planet 🌎 More info coming soon!

#templechildren #cryptikmovement

#love #compassion #helpingothers #unitednotdivided

#selflove always ❤️ your friendly reminder that there is no love that will ever outdo the love you have for yourself. Know your worth, block the assholes (even when it's hard), take your own advice you freely give to others and set yourself up for greatness. Remember the #universe won't give you anything you cannot handle and some people have it easier because they don't have your strength! #letsdothis #girlpower #bossladies #unitednotdivided #loveyourdamnself YOU CAN DO IT BEAUTIFUL ⭐️💋❤️⭐️💋❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽

No matter what color, religion, nationality or denomination, we are all ONE people. We must all stand together in LOVE against evil. Do your part to put love back into the world, because our world desperately needs it. United as ONE ❤️
#prayfortexas #onespirit #standtogether #unitednotdivided #love #loveoneanother

You can pray & take action for policy change. These are not mutually exclusive. Pray or don’t pray, write your senators, do whatever YOU feel called to do. Just do something. We need all the action we can get. Not further division✌🏻 // #policychange #prayandaction #unitednotdivided #sutherlandspringstx

Join our #UnitedNotDivided campaign as I run to be your next Hidalgo County Democratic Party Chair. More than ever we need to come together to fight for the future we want to see. We shape the future with our voices and with our votes. Election is March 6, 2018. I hope to earn your support! #VoteDiaz2018

🐺 #unitednotdivided 🐵

We are beyond thankful for all the incredible support at yesterday's Día de los Muertos Benefit event. Thank you to everyone that came out last night. We truly hope that you left with a beautiful experience, maybe even some new experiences. Thank you so much to everyone who purchased raffle tickets and made donations. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to @projectpaz and will go to help rebuilding efforts in Mexico. Muchas, muchas gracias to all our incredible partners. This event would not have been possible without you. Gracias @projectobject.co for warmly welcoming us into your wonderful shop and generously offering your space for us to host our event. Gracias @camille.shu from @fieldworkflowers for creating a magical scene for our altar - it was truly magnificent. Also, a big thank you for donating the gift card to our raffle. Gracias to @chuparrosa for the delectable treats - your homemade pan de muerto, Mexican hot chocolate, and champurrado were delicious! Gracias to @mezcalamaras for joining us and truly making it a party with your artisanal mezcal. Muchisimas gracias to the rad chicas of @letrachuecapress for helping us spread a strong message through art. Gracias to @essuperfun , @carly.e.diaz , & @tamaleboypdx for donating awesome gifts to the raffle. Gracias @jmdrygoods for donating the beautifully handmade skull candle - our altar’s crowning jewel. Gracias to @bottegastories for your support and monetary contribution to making this event possible - we can't wait to see all the incredible photos you took during the event. Last night we made the hashtag #todosomosmexico come to life.
If you didn't get a chance to join us last night, you still have an opportunity to see our gorgeous altar. The altar will be on display at @projectobject.co through Saturday.
Winner of the raffle will be announced tonight.
📸 @guiaoca

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