@eric.van_matre has me doing an INSANE amount of overhead work this cycle getting my shoulders ready for some strong Olympic lifts😋

Had an Alternate minute EMOM with 90kg snatch pull triples one minute and then a ascending ladder of 5kg per set on snatch grip push press the other. Started at 60kg and ended with this huge 110kg (242lbs) PR! When I started with Eric a few months back my single push press max was only 165lbs😂😂😂

Do not neglect shoulder strength in any program. Having strong, healthy, and mobile shoulders will make ALL of your pressing movements stronger! Comment if you want to see more shoulder strength and mobility content!💪🏻

Dayum. This is full commitment. Cars not allowed.
📸: @official_tj_mathis

Pretty sure one of my goals for 2019 needs to be spending less time at the bottom of the catch.
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Finally told myself to stop being a little b*tch and get the work done.. #justdoit
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11 days from competition and feeling good! Power clean and jerks at 245/255/265/275 and a front squat at 315. Hoping to hit somewhere between 285 and 300 and snatch between 234 and 250 at the meet. Not where I was but getting there! #usaw #snatch #oly #manimalstrong #clean #jerk #pr

63kg 3RM “power” snatches from #dablocks. It’s questionable. But so is wearing a sweatshirt with shorts so at least I’m consistent. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #itslike65degrees #wardrobeconfusion #coachsaidtheywerepowers #hesincorrect @incendiabarbell

It was a fight but U13 lifter @hookgrip.henry made his 102% tonight.. since Youth Nationals he has added 11kg to his snatch! This is one dedicated kid!
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Who's PUMPED for "The Greatest Wrestling Show on Earth"
November 30, 2018
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Visit our Website for more details. Link in the bio @american_wrestling_league

PPV Live Streaming will be provided at trackwrestling.com

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Oh look another squat video #sorrynotsorry (I swear I do other things though) My hang snatches yesterday were not pretty so I’m extra stoked about this 8RM back squat PR at 125kg/275lbs today #fleoshorts #animalattack @heavymetalbarbellclub @seanmrigsby

So as promised, first post of #TechniqueTuesday!!! Today's post will focus on getting contact off the hips during the snatch (aka "point of compact".) For this post, I'll talk about 3 exercises that will help you with with this particular aspect of the lift, which from my observations over the years, a lot of people don't achieve consistently. So here we go!!! No. 1 - "Power snatch from the power position"
So this variation is for the person who is brand new to the Olympic lifts, but even skilled lifters can use this lift as well. In the video, I'm pausing at the power position to show you guys where your body should be positioned during this phase of the lift. This mirrors the position of you and the bar just before triple extension. The most important part of this lift is to get comfortable with where the bar is resting in the dip (crease of the hips). Also notice how I don't increase my dip to achieve more momentum. Stick with light weight (empty bar if needed) for this exercise.

No. 2 - hang pull to hip + hang snatch
This next exercise is good for the person who has experience, but is still relatively new to the lifts. This helps in drilling the hip contact, but does it on a more dynamic way and helps with the 2nd pull of the lift (which is where the point of impact happens). Notice how close I keep the bar as I do the pull to the hip. One cue I like to use is "pull with your chest." Let's your chest guide the bar to the hips. Remember, bar to hips, not hips to bar!! No. 3 - "no-feet snatch"
This next variation is by far my favorite to help out with many other facets of the snatch, but for today, I'm only focusing on how it can help with making contact off the hips. It's really important that as you execute the snatch, you need to "scoop" the bar into the hips and not bang your hips against the bar. Scooping creates a more vertical bar path, while banging will cause more horizontal displacement, which will result in the bar being too far forward. By positioning your feet in the "catch position" (aka squat stance), you're forcing yourself to keep the bar close and scoop the bar with your hips.
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Massthetics, a powerlifting channel ran by the duo Garrett (@garylegion )and Simon, has been deleted. Simon deleted his Instagram. The two are having a falling out. No words on what will happen with their gym, @legionirongym .
Supposedly information on what happen will be released on 10/20.
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