> C R O A T I A

Views like these. Yes please. Catching the sunrise in Rovinj. #tweekestravels

> C R O A T I A

So last week and some of this week was spent in beautiful Croatia where everything is Instagramable. Around the corner from our @airbnb was this pretty pastel wall and this classic VW Beetle. I’ve always had a thing for classic cars. Check out my highlights for more of what me and #manchesterartist @_safrana got up to Croatia. #tweekestravels #sensualsummerdays

> U P D A T E

The past few weeks I’ve been focused on fasting for Ramadan. Check out my IG stories and highlights. .
When you’re fasting, you have less energy, it forces you to re-think where you want to use that energy so not to waste it. For me that translated as trying to get my exercise and stretch on outdoors and make the most of the lovely warm Manchester weather. I also started keeping a gratitude diary, listing the things I was thankful for and made a conscious effort to do something charitable every day. .
This picture is from Javea, Spain a few weeks back when I was there for the @lasmorenasdeespana getaway. #tweekestravels

> L O N D O N

I stumbled across this amazing art exhibition while I was in Shoreditch, London by @franklynrodgersphotog. The detail was outstanding, you could literally get lost looking into the eyes of each women. Definitely check it out if you’re in London. Look for @AutographABP [Photo credit: @abookgiver] #tweekestravels

> S P A I N

Is it just me or does everything seem better when your by the sea? Here I was about to get on a private boat with the ladies from the #LMDESGetaways retreat in Jávea, Spain which is organised by @lasmorenasdeespana. #tweekestravels [📷: @kaye_harvey] #lmdes

> S P A I N

So this week has been spent photographing the @lasmorenasdeespana #LMDESGetaways retreat which includes staying at the luxury villa where the retreat takes place. The villa is really stunning and has lots of little sections where you can chill out, including this one by the pool. #tweekestravels #lmdes #tanyaweekes

> S P A I N
On the coach, on my way to the @lasmorenasdeespana #LMDESGetaways retreat in Jávea. I flew into Alicante airport and then had to take the coach to Jávea. which takes the scenic route along the coast. The views were stunning. #tweekestravels

> T A I W A N

#Throwback pic from last year (2017) which I spent being based out in Taiwan. The beach was quite close to where we were living but somehow everytime we went it was really windy so it was kinda cold and wasn’t really relaxing. That said, I love being by the sea and water generally... it seems to have some magic feel good energy. I would love to live right by the beach... but then I’d miss the city vibes - the struggle! #tweekestravels #tanyaweekes [📷: @wanderingbrown]

> T R A V E L  P L A N S
So here are my travel plans (God willing) for the next couple of months… In a few days, I’ll be flying to Alicante in Spain and heading to Javea to photograph the @lasmorenasdeespana #LMDESGetaways luxury retreat. -
Following that, I hope to be celebrating my birthday and a month of Ramadan in lovely Croatia. If you happen to be in either place, feel free to drop me a little message, maybe we can meet up :-) #tweekestravels

> S P A I N
#Throwback to 2016 when I fell in love… Spain is such a beautiful country. It’s kind of the go-to place for a lot of people in England as it’s quite cheap to get to. I’ve been many times, but it was only after I moved away from those typically English tourist areas that I really started to love Spain. Thanks to my long-time friend, @jordisalvadoriu for kick starting that for me and @wanderingbrown for showing me the beauty of Córdoba and Granada. Swipe left to see this picture in full - the door I am standing in front of is really beautiful! #tweekestravels #tanyaweekes #internationalwomensday [📷: @wanderingbrown]

> W A L E S

I’m not much of a landscape photographer, I prefer taking pictures of people but this picture is a #Throwback to 2016, it was that time we drove to Mount Snowdon and went camping for the night... I’m looking forward to exploring more of the UK this year. I think it’s important to be a tourist wherever you are and not just when you’re abroad. Double tap if you agree. #tweekestravels

> C O R N E R S H O P

Yesterday I posted about the fresh tapalapa bread we got everyday whilst in The Gambia.. this is a pic of one of the shops we used to get the bread from. There were lots of shops like this also known as “subs”. They’re kind of easy to walk past if you don’t know what they are. Some of the subs offer you chocolate spread, mayonnaise and butter which they put on the bread for you #tweekestravels

> T A P A L A P A

One of the things I love about The Gambia is the freshly baked bread that is widely available. Everyday @wanderingbrown would go to the local shop and come back with this #tapalapa wrapped in newspaper. It costs 7 Gambian delasi each which is about 11 pence. #tweekeseats #tweekestravels.

> T H E G A M B I A

Travel tip: Always have a couple of scarves in your bag... they are lightweight and can double up as a beach towel, a long skirt, a hijab, a long sleeve top...and always handy when you make a unplanned stop at places like mosques, churches and Buddhist temples where extra modesty is required. What do you always have in your bag that comes In handy? ✨ #tweekestravels #tanyaweekes [Gunjur Kenyekenye Mosque/TheGambia]

> T H E G A M B I A
This was my fourth time in Gambia but my first time visiting the South of the country which is where we were when I spotted these boys. They were hanging around the school gates behind my friends house. They happily posed for pictures. Thanks to @wanderingbrown for the behind the scenes footage. #tweekestravels #tweekesportraits

> L I V I N G S P R E E

Sounds good to me! Feel free to join me... if I’m not in Manchester, England, you’ll find me somewhere in Africa, hopefully Ethiopia next or maybe Cape Verde, that’s also calling... also Croatia and maybe even China, who knows? #tweekestravels #tweekeswords

> T H E G A M B I A
Another shot from the @airbnb I stayed at in Bijilo, Gambia... it had all these cool balcony areas, perfect for pics. Thanks to @kebbalicius for the collaboration and hosting my stay at @homevillagm. #tanyaweekes #tweekestravels #oladexstyles

> T H E G A M B I A

One of the things I love about going to warm countries is all the lovely palm trees you see, I spotted this one while I was at the beach #tweekestravels

> T H E G A M B I A

We stumbled across this quite spot on the beach whilst looking for possible shoot locations... we ended up relaxing there after the shoot and the owner invited us to have a fresh coconut each, we said yes and off he went to cut one down from a nearby tree. Check out my Instagram story ✨ #tweekestravels #tweekeseats

@twomorenos: > O K I N A W A

After a few days in Tokyo, we caught a plane to the Japanese island of Okinawa. We weren’t there for very long to see much of it but we could quickly see the vibe there was completely different... More laid back with lots of surfers. [📷: @tanyaweekes | NOV 2017] #tweekestravels #beardsandbaes #twomorenas #blackinjapan #revert #blackmuslims #travelcouple #okinawajapan #blackandabroad #blackgypsy #gypsy #travelqoutes #blackbritishbloggers #travellushes #thatdayiwentaway #mytravelcrush #blacktravel #boyfriendjeans #worldtraveler #blacktravelista #blackhobo #travelisthenewclub #blacklovepage #blackguystravel #tokyo #travelblogger

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