The first try might be a gutter ball, but the next one will be a Strike! 🎳

I do not give up. It’s not in my nature to give up. Sure, I cry get angry...but I always try. Reyna is the same way. She woke up let’s just say as a Cranky soul and not wanting to practice the tools she’s been given. Right now I hear herself giving a pep talk between sobs. Go for it Reyna try again! Hope you all have a great day! #fasd #fasdsupport #fasdawareness #havehope #nevergiveup💪 #parenting #thankful #itwillbeok #tryagain

nctnightnight update - HOLY CRAP THEY’re SO CUTE

It’s a terrific Tuesday and we’re on the move 🎶courtesy of the late multi-talented ‘Princess of R&B’ Aaliyah😇 #independentmedia #motorcitywoman #internetradio #aaliyah #tryagain

Had the best birthday yesterday and tomorrow we are heading to @locknfestival let’s try this again! 🎂🎈🌹💕 #curveballed #tryagain #musicfest #changethedream

180821 enana - if he’s happy i’m happy!!!!!

180821 enana - babyboy 💖💘💗💗

180821 enana - jaehyun being giggly and cute 😆😆💗

They say to never go 3 days without working out. But what if you do??? What if you just had an absolute fun weekend.... skipped working out... and ate what you wanted? Do you just throw in the towel? Do you just say F it and never workout again? HELL NO!!! Life happens! Sometimes you miss 3 workouts in a row! But u NEVER give up on yourself or your health! 🎶Dust your self off and try again.... try again 🎶 😂👊😂👊 #nevergiveup #danceitout #tryagain #bethebestyou 💜

There is still time to join my challenge group starting this Monday, August 27th! Message me if you are ready to try again with your health!!! 💪

#MoveYourAssMonday!! You guys - I am such a procrastinator! I am one of those people that if it wasn’t for the last minute NOTHING would get done!

I over-analyze constantly, I want things to be perfect, i struggle with practice. Do you realize that o have been “working on my website and blog” for 2+ years now??? I KNOW that it’s the content people want, but I’m so worried about it looking” right I have stopped before I start.

Dishes - I typically don’t do them until we run out or I have no room to cook....because I don’t like doing them! So tonight I entertained myself and bothered my whole family by singing the WHOLE round of 99 bottles of beer until the dishes are done 😂

It doesn’t have to be perfect - we just have to dive in! Imperfection is the topic as I fall in and out of boat pose in yoga. If I waited for perfection to show you guys my yoga practice, i would not have caught that second and a half hold that I actually DID do!

So tonight’s move your ass Monday message for you (and me!) is to just start already! Blogs, dishes, better eating, exercising - stop waiting for it to be perfect and just START!

Now to take my own advice 😉

Like fine wine 🍷, just getting better over time
Foundation: @katvondbeauty #lockitfoundation #warmhoney & coverfx #N70
💫Eyeshadow: Norvina pallet by @anastasiabeverlyhills 💫Eyebrows: Dip Brow & Pomade #Ebony & #Chocolate @anastasiabeverlyhills 💫lashes: Mine! Soon to come 💋
💫Lips @kyliecosmetics & @maccosmetics #aaliyahformac #tryagain
💫Highlight: @thecrayoncase #anglowla

Couple vids never hurt nobody! 🤷🏽‍♀️
Foundation: @katvondbeauty #lockitfoundation #warmhoney & coverfx #N70
💫Eyeshadow: Norvina pallet by @anastasiabeverlyhills 💫Eyebrows: Dip Brow & Pomade #Ebony & #Chocolate @anastasiabeverlyhills 💫lashes: Mine! Soon to come 💋
💫Lips @kyliecosmetics & @maccosmetics #aaliyahformac #tryagain
💫Highlight: @thecrayoncase #anglowla

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