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My two longest hitting juniors! Not even in high school and can pound it 240+ 💣💣 what can we learn from them??

Just practicing my posing after i smashed chest and shoulders today 😈 I’ll tell ya posing makes you feel like superwoman, but it’s tougher than it looks hahah! I can’t wait to practice and get my routine down so that i can present my physique in the best way possible 💪🏼☺️

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The journey to this breath has been far from easy. What I can say, it’s been enriching.
I see myself as a survivor of the hell I once lived. Finding comfort in the sorrow, a far too familiar friend. Years of isolation and hiding became the breeding ground of the dreams and desires I knew I was always worthy of.
People misunderstood me, placing their expectations as to how my life should be based on some standards that I never resonated with. 🙄

Over the years, I’ve refused to be dictated by others and their limiting beliefs about me and what I can accomplish. I’m blessed to say I’m able to have people in my life today who see me. People who are a vibrational match with me. People who dream just as big. ✨

It takes a village. 👫 Surround yourself with the people that get you. The ones who never give up on you. The ones who understand the reasoning behind your madness as you continue to break the mold and create something that’s never been experienced before. 🔮 Those are your people. And those people will forever see your brilliance. Your radiance. Your grace. Your talents, light, and radness. 💫
To my people, I love you more than words will ever suffice. You know who you are.

Who are your people? Who are the ones who’ve never given up on you? Who are the ones who never doubted you? Who are the ones who always have your back? Let’s gather together as a community of authentic light leaders, paradigm shifters, and decent human beings to uplift this place and anchor in the miracles as we actualize Heaven in Earth. ✌🏽✨♥️
xx ʀɪɴ

Roughly 4 years ago I set a goal to one day complete CrossFit wod ‘King Kong’. I told myself that I wouldn’t even attempt it until I was able to have a go RX’D. Well today was the day I finally worked up enough courage to have a crack. Hours and hours of lifting, millions of kilos of volume, buckets of sweat and I have finally defeated King Kong. Workout done as RX ✅ TIME:6.50
It’s a good feeling to tick off such an intimidating long term goal 😊 .
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Felt good to be at the gym.
1) 4 handstand push-ups into the 7th round.

2) Worked up to 325 front squat. Been awhile working at heavy percentages but felt really good. May be time to test my 1 rep max. Video of last single at 325#. 3) 22:48 for the metcon. Dialed back the bike and row so that I could take on large sets with the barbell. Did the burpees to the new standards that @thedavecastro put forth in 18.0. I now have Fran lung.

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Starting to somewhat find my legs again! Worked up to this set of 2 stage snatches at 53kg and then worked some singles up to 63kg. Ready to get fully rolling next week 🙌🏼🏋🏻‍♀️🎀 @tristarweightlifting #trusttheprocess #tristarweightlifting #eatcleantraindirty #barbellsandbowssquad #nakedfoodsfueled #spreadhviii

Holy f^%k this is the best f&$kin shit I’ve read, EVER. Like #DAMN. This shit so fucking real. @feliciathegoat Man like I know you don’t know me but you’re sick and I b fuckin wit chu since I’ve been in high school. You still a little bitch but you getting there ;) Thanks for inspiring and be that voice for me while I was figuring my shit out. Like for real I used to be such a follower. I’ve changed so much and I just feel free. I can’t even explain it. I used to be so in my head. But, all that doubt and negativity isn’t real. Be unchained. Be YOU. #golfwang #ascension #freespirit #trusttheprocess and @feliciathegoat Idk if you fuckin with this but “odd future wolf gang kill em all” makes sense now doesn’t it #wolfpack #killthesheep #beyourself

Apart from living a life of purpose, we merely exist. What you’ve been through has its purpose. Embrace the process. That’s a part of the game plan for your life for HIS higher purpose. #GamePlanForLife #TrustTheProcess

Beyond excited to launch my website with the help of this guy @mike_amatulli and
@primedigitalseo for doing an amazing job putting it all together. Please check it out
and workouts will be posted daily as of Monday, January 22. Regular schedule all weekend, let's go! www.carriesbootworkout.com

2nd session of going back blonde ✌🏼

Pic to the left was our 1st session •

This is definitely one of my favorite interviews thus far!! 🤸🏿‍♀️✨

If you haven’t already, make sure you visit TanajaRaShon.com and check out my conversation with the founder of @stutterboxtv, Malcolm Jones!!

Find out the motivation behind Stutter Box TV and a WHOLE lot more! 🤗
💥Link in the bio!!💥
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Long Post - Week1 challenge @bodybuildingcom @optimumnutrition #250kchallenge .

Being playing a multi facet roles at different fronts of life, last few months it's been pondering in me 'Who am I'. Been addressing different aspects of life challenges - relocating to new location, work, family, new school for my daughter and coping her up for the change. Meanwhile many goals and scattered thoughts of defining a better life for family which led Mind to be through a roller coaster ride. This is my Inspiration to get into this challenge to set my inner-self right.
Fitness and training has been a part of since my school days, did reached goals which I had set in past but recently it's been a challenge amidst lot of other incidents and attention in life goals which made think, where my focus to be on... always believed clear mind would lead your path and trigger point set my mind right has been iron and sweat. This is 'my why Now' to get into this challenge to set an example to state each and everyone of my friends and extended Fitfam - that when you add that mental strength one step at a time , one goal at a time - by the end you would be in a position where you desired to be.
To be prepared for every opportunity... Set CLEAR goals to take action with CLEAR DEADLINE.
Motivation has always been there but MOTIVATION with clear PURPOSE is what prescribed for the PERSON inside now.
To show it is possible and it can be DONE !

It all starts with you... trust the process and if you think you can you can ! SET FOCUS ACHIEVE !

there was a part I didn’t like so I’m fixing it on Monday #L #nexttime #trusttheprocess #igotu #jjstyll #ldhtalentshowmarch7th

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