This is just messy as hell. Even if ultimately there are no #impeachment hearings or criminal charges brought to bear, to have this level of an appearance of impropriety by a sitting #president is troubling, disgusting and frankly embarrassing to us as a nation.
I will also add this little tidbit: I, for one, am absolutely sick and tired of--what I will call--these #Trumpanatics frothing at their collective mouth with inane, senseless, disjointed and outlandish conspiracy theories that are intended to place that #charlatan we have as our #president in a better light. I'm really sick of this mentality that one should defend "their guy" no matter what. I mean hell, if @barackobama had conducted himself with a fraction of the general vulgarity, disdain for the truth, propensity to initiate and perpetuate lies, inclination to not admit when he's wrong (even when he's caught dead lying), tweet national policy, childishly & maliciously accuse his predecessor of a crime (on #twitter of all damn places) WITH NO PROOF, disrespect and alienate our closest allies ... Let alone this cloud of damn collusion with #Russia. If former presidents #obama #bush #clinton #reagan or any other prez these #trumpanatics didn't like had done any, let alone all of what trump has done, they'd be crying bloody damn murder.
Bottom line: @realdonaldtrump is no where near fit to lead this great country. And believe it or not, I wish this wasn't at all the case. It doesn't benefit our country one bit for our president to be seen in this light. It actually harms us. And that's why I'm so pissed. I didn't join & serve in the #army for this kind of bullshit. We deserve better and we should've demanded better. If #obama had done any of this crap the #gop probably would've already had him impeached. I mean, open your eyes, #trumpanatics, half the damn #gop is lining up against him. He is under investigation for colluding with our greatest foreign adversary to rig OUR damn #election. THE DAMN FBI IS INVESTIGATING THE PRESIDENT. Any of that sinking in at all? #WakeTheFuckUpAmerica #MAGAmyAss #ForgetLeftAndRight #JustSeeTheTruth #WeThePeople #ItsNotAgame #ItsOurWayOfLife #FearKiller #ALHtheAuthor

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