💛 Day 1: Write a letter to a past You
This is for Me to be re-read every year through middle school + high school...
Dearest Little Pepp,
Stop worrying so much about the future, live in the present, make the most of every moment. Stop trying to change to please everyone but yourself, people come and go but you will always have to live with yourself and the choices you've made.
Dive deeper into everything that peaks your interest while you have all the time in world. Put down the romance novels and read about Audrey Hepburn + Maya Angelou. When you find that yoga book at Mamaw's house, read it and do yoga everyday!
Try everything once and have no regrets. Always follow your own heart, you can do anything and you are so much stronger than you imagine.
Don't feel so rebellious against the family, let them send you to the Air Force Academy and stay close to Dad, he really will ALWAYS have your back.
Stop chasing the boys, seriously don't date until college...maybe even later, you've got dad's luck in the love department. Make life long girlfriends and take grand adventures with them.
Most importantly, keep doing you and loving you! Don't let ANYONE make you feel embarrassed over your self-confidence it will be your biggest asset out in the world. I love you always just the way you are 💖 ~Jess


Last weekend we stayed in Sauble Beach for some camping and exploring. Now we are gearing up for another weekend camping trip to Sibbald Point with friends. .
What better way to say goodbye to summer and hello to Autumn?

My fears started when I was a child. Then eventually, becoming a part of my every day relationships with women. I hurt so many, & hurt myself more in the process. Because I ran away, as fast as I could, whenever I felt that I was growing to close to any woman. But when the race ended for me, with my father’s passing, I realized that I had to make amends, for what I did to them, & yes, to myself. Apologies went out to each of them, & while I no longer live with guilt, I do today look at you, & smile with intrigue. Because I realize that every heart break was worth it. Seeing you, teaches me that...

...got it DONE today! Met a new camera artist...LJ! Smash Bod will be launching in December! It's all about Total Health, and running your race! #smashbod #journeytohealth #truenorth #sweat #fierce #desire #believe #healthy #nutritionmatters #nutrition@smashbod @cjacquese @mashupconditioning Love the life you're leading!

I tried my darndest 🌌 #NorthernLights #AhoyReykjavik

Velvet off, Game on! Saw this young gun strolling down the wood line the other night. Anyone else see anything cool in nature this week?

The Annual Plane Pull for the NWT Special Olympics was a huge success, with teams raising over $15,000!
There were 16 teams of 10 participates, including a team from us at Summit Air. Teams pulled our Avro RJ85 aircraft for 25 feet. Congratulations to all teams!
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Steer your ship in whichever direction feels right to your soul. If you watch where everyone else is going you'll start doubting your inner compass. .
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Don’t you forget 👆🏼✨

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