Episode 55... this cry baby piece of shit fuck-face!!! Gary Leon Ridgway did some shit... some real fucked up shit... episode out now. #SerialChillersPodcast #SUPRnetwork

They grow up so fast. Here is a picture of Cleophus Prince Jr on his first day of prison. We’ll get a progress pic of his last day when available. Here is a preview ☠️ #SerialChillersPodcast

If you missed it. Episode 53 was heavy and dark. Some mysterious deep voice man came and read the Grace Budd letter for us. If you have listened, buckle up because episode 54: Cleophus Prince Jr. will be available soon!! #SerialChillersPodcast

Pelvic X-ray of our good buddy Albert Fish. He did so enjoy causing himself pain. Making himself a permanent pin-cushion is definitely one way... #SerialChillersPodcast

Newspaper headline from Albert Fish’s trial. The Grace Budd letter was read aloud to the gallows and Jury. #SerialChillersPodcast

Get everyone’s favorite creepy bunker dweller now!! Will you get him On a shirt or accessory? Both?! The choice is yours! Link to the store in the bio! #SerialChillersPodcast

Awwww yeah!! Episode 52 is out and ready for your ears!! Enjoy and have a rad weekend! #SerialChillersPodcast

A few out of town guests travelled to the @SUPRnetwork studio for this one!! Excited to bring the story of Gerald Stano! #SerialChillersPodcast

If you’re a lover of the side stories episode 50 is for you! All of the best side stories voted on by the fans! #SerialChillersPodcast

Weird Trips Comic #2 (1979) featuring Ed Gein. Need to get me a copy of this!! Episode 49 is out with some your favorite guests and also features Ed Gein @dustinl1217 and @biggfootdesigns #SerialChillersPodcast

Haha cool! Thanks guys. #SerialChillersPodcast

Brian Dugan was awful! We cover his life and more on episode 48! We also have clinical psychologist Dr. Kendall on this episode! #SerialChillersPodcast

Just call the show and leave a voicemail! 1-805-666-2513 Tell us your favorite show memory! Ask a personal question. Give us some shit for something. Shout out to your friends and family! Whatever you do, do it before the end of this coming up weekend! #SerialChillersPodcast

Dried blood and the clear outline of a yogurt container used to consume Teresa Wallin’s blood. Richard Chase was as even more nasty than we could have ever described him. #SerialChillersPodcast

It’s a b&w image so you’ll have to use your imagination but that is THE blender used by Richard Chase to make his smoothies. #SerialChillersPodcast

A huge and continual thanks goes out to you guys! Yesterday was the most downloaded day of 2018 for us! Thank you for the continued support and thank you for telling a friend! Without you guys we are nowhere!! #SerialChillersPodcast

Richard Chase Remix. Out now!! #SerialChillersPodcast

The 1938 newspaper that covers the execution of Anna Marie Hahn! We cover a lot of fuck faces on this show. She is not exempt! #SerialChillersPodcast

One year ago Today! We embarked on a wonderful journey that has brought us to you guys today! We hope that we can continue to grow and you’ll go with us! You may not be able to listen to the first few episodes but we will be revisiting them soon. #SerialChillersPodcast

Anna Marie Hahn is our second killer lady of episode 46. Coming Friday! #SerialChillersPodcast

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