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It’s up early for you guys!! Thank you for all of the support and kind words!! #SerialChillersPodcast

Oh shit yo!! Robert Lee Yates is the subject of episode 31, season 2 premiere! Thanks again everyone for waiting, sharing, listening and overall supporting! Let’s make season two a good one!! #SerialChillersPodcast

If you’re one of those people that like spoilers you can head to SerialChillersPodcast.com and check out the outline and sources for tonight’s episode. #SerialChillersPodcast

The post says it all. Thanks for your patience. It’s about to go down!! #SerialChillersPodcast

Oh shit ya’ll let’s give away one of the new stickers! Can someone name the movie (that was also a book) that got me into the macabre? First to guess gets one!! If I owe you stickers they’ll be on their way soon! #SerialChillersPodcast EDIT/HINT: Church

A few of my favorites from the packs of True Crime cards! #SerialChillersPodcast

Less than a week!! #SerialChillersPodcast

Seven days until the return of your favorite True Crime Gameshow Podcast!! Next Friday we’re back and ready for action!! #SerialChillersPodcast

Want to support the show? The stupid face graphic is now available in the merch store. Multiple colors to choose from! It’s also available on a variety of accessories. Link is in the bio! #SerialChillersPodcast

A huge thanks to my brother in law Joe for making me this rad sign for christmas. @johnloyko studio (still waiting on a payment) is really coming together. #SerialChillersPodcast

Excited to get back to it!! New episodes are closer than they feel! Happy New Year! #SerialChillersPodcast

Kori Ali Muhammad was recently given a court date to determine his competency to stand trial. His crime was committed in the city I call my own. Fresno, California. On April 18th he took the life of 3 men in downtown Fresno by randomly walking up and shooting them as they went about their days. Poor Mental health may have had a lot to do with this, bit we will find out soon if that is true. We will cover this case and more in season 2! Coming 01/12!! #SerialChillersPodcast

The “artistic” challenge returns with episode one!! Check out these masterpieces by @jxzxph and @mochafreeman!! #SerialChillersPodcast

New things coming.... get excited for season two!! #SerialChillersPodcast

Season two is going to have heavy hitters and some no names. One thing they all have common.... all huge life taking bags of shit. Join me on 01/12 for the season two premiere and this Monday night at 8:00 for a quick facebook/instagram live check in where we’ll talk a little bit about season two, and I’ll show you guys around the studio!! #SerialChillersPodcast

Season 2 is starting sooner than you think. Any subjects you’d like to see covered? Anything ideas for the show itself!? Would love to hear them. Also if anyone loves to draw or design feel free to send any cool #SerialChilersPodcast designs over!!Happy holidays everyone!

By the time you see this! Episode 30 is available to you!! #SerialChillersPodcast

New episode tonight! Kendall François! #SerialChillersPodcast

Many atrocious acts took place in this home. Anyone recognize it? Season Finale! Episode 30! Friday!! #SerialChillersPodcast

Episode 29 was rad because @roetography brought the startlingly awful story of Josef Fritzl! Hang in there as she tells us all about his depraved plan and execution of said plan. #SerialChillersPodcast

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