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Y’all need to leave that restaurant now LMAOOO they deadass talkin bout that restaurant had dehydrated beef 😂😂😂 i can’t @clarencenyc @queennaija_

Hey guys sorry for being inactive i will start to post way more
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Next chapter : 70 likes
Hey guys hope you guys like the new ish fanfiction if you don’t know this is an continuation of my oldest story I felt bad that I didn’t finish it so I’ll make more of it since you guys really like it but it will be a new version as you can tell. So I made a new rule so I know if you guys actually like my chapter so I would have a like goal as in 70 likes gets a new chapter I hate to ask but I just want to know if you guys like it so yeah then if it gets 100 likes the next day I’m posting I’ll post 2 deal . So here is how I’m doing this I’ll make longer chapters for you guys now.
I really hope you guys like it and Tell me what you guys think of the story feel free to comment your thoughts. And I’ll be doing shout outs for now on so comment if you want a shoutout ❤️ love you guys x
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Requested by @voidmartinez ; someone please explain to me why I feel so sick🤧but was perfectly fine an hour ago -
If you want an imagine just dm me your name and which twin you’d like it to be about. -
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