#Mood Honey if don't make $ it don't make sense #TrillTalk #TrillQueenTalk

#TrillQueenTalk #Mood4Life In real life I know I get some ppl nerves cause I hate talking to middle men! My question is always Where yo Boss at? Who is the check writer if you not the Check Writer Stop Talking To Me! #bossbabe #beyoncé

#TrillTalk# from @missymisdemeanorelliott She such a #Legend and she on the very short list of artists who Chad wanted to work with but never got the chance to! #TrillQueenTalk

#TrillQueenTalk if you not going help just don't hinder
Regrann from @womenbychoice - “As women, we need to do a better job of protecting, understanding, and having compassion for one another. Although all of our journeys are different, we each know the difficulties that women can experience. We each have been through our own storms and struggles so, even though we’re all walking separate paths, it’s not hard to imagine that other women have their share of struggles too.” - excerpt from our latest blog post “Relieve the Pressure”. Read the rest at womenbychoice.com. Link in bio. - #regrann

#TrillQueenTalk #TrillTalkofTheMorning
@Regranned from @womenbychoice - #WBCMajorKeys 🔑 Sis, your talents aren’t supposed to be used everywhere and your gifts aren’t meant to be given to everyone. Stop fighting to be with people who don’t understand your value and stop forcing yourself to stay in places where your gifts and talents aren’t appreciated. “You are already that person... just put yourself in that place.” Pharrell
If you haven’t already, there’s only a few days left to sign up for the Gain Confidence and Achieve Greatness 4-day online course. Head to our website (link in bio) and the course is located in our Shop. DM any questions. - #regrann

#TrillQueenTalk i love to Celebrate my #TrillQueens that's winning and the cold part the ones that talk shit some bums and they say it in a safe place! #SMH We must do better! It takes nothing to Celebrate the next person if their winning!

#TrillQueenTalk I say this all the time Don't let ppl #MindFuckYou
@Regranned from @__ajna - #HAPPYHUMPDAY beautiful people! Lets take it #WAYbackWednesday ✨. I come to remind you that if people are who they say they be? You'll NEVER hv to force them to be who they say they are. #WBW.
If you hate my lashes? That's ok, they hate you too! 💜 I still love you tho and #thehealingplace30daysofpositivity is NOT just a hashtag it's a life! **original caption reads**
If you feel like you're #losing? It's because you're not #learning....... #Lessons & #Blessings brought to you by creation via the medium of #Mercury #Retrograde. ✨✨✨✨ - #regrann

#TrillQueenTalk 👑💅 😋

My Job is To NEVER fail my #daughter and I Will Not ! #TrillQueenTalk

Everybody has a purpose find yours! #TrillQueenTalk
@Regrann from @poetryshyt - Be more than just a pretty face baby girl #poetryshyt #dopegirl #createshyt #prettygirls - #regrann

#TrillTalkOfTheDay #TrillQueenTalk It's just not in me! Cut from a different kind a cloth!

#TrillQueenTalk Brains is the new #Ass #knowledge is #Power
@Regrann from @pamiamdotcom - Better get you some knowledge, that fat ass can only take you so far in life, sis! #ChinaraButler - #regrann

@Regrann from @mindingherbusiness - One of the most detrimental elements to ones wealth lies in their mindset limitations. Some find it difficult to actually sit down and visualize their ideal life because they don’t feel they deserve to have it all.
You can’t attract wealth if you don’t see yourself as someone that deserves it - period. Meaning not only loving yourself, but also getting rid of the negative beliefs you have with having lots of money.
If you have a hard time seeing yourself acquiring wealth because you’re not into “flashy things” think of it this way…
Having more money means more options and greater opportunity.
It means not having to walk on egg shells around a boss you dislike at a job you hate
It means not having to constantly worry about whether you can take that trip out to visit your family because you have pay your rent this month.
It means not having second guess buying something you genuinely need because you may need that money for something else.
It means not being able to pursue something you’re passionate and living every day with purpose.
If you don’t feel you deserve any of that, you will not experience it - But why would you possibly not deserve to be happy?
Get out of your head and out of your own way today.
Ask yourself what more opportunity and freedom looks like to you.
If you're ready to live your dream life and are interested in starting and online business, visit the link in my @mindingherbusiness bio
#mindingherbusinessChinaraButler - #regrann

#TrillQueenTalk if your #friends don't inspire you to level up your circle not as strong as you think!

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