Go and checkout my mixtape on my SoundCloud... In all seriousness this resort in Bali was incredible. Can’t wait to be back in Southeast Asia again in 2 weeks. Calling this region my second home and will be setting in Bangkok, Thailand for a few months! Super excited.

Happy Earth Day🌍 #tripglobenookavangodelta🇧🇼

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Honestly, sometimes I’m not motivated enough to go out and do things that I love. Before we started snowshoeing up this mountain, we took a 30 minute nap that ended up becoming a four hour coma. We ended up hiking this anyway, just to explore and because we were already out there. (Not to mention “late” for mountaineering is still pretty damn early in the day for people who don’t get up at 1 AM to climb mountains.) Whether its mountaineering or just life in general, sometimes you really have to force yourself to get up and be an active member of society. And as much as I want to mope around and bum myself out, I know it’s a lot better if I’m grumbling about being somewhat active than sitting at home wallowing in the feels.
I know this caption is way too long. I’ve been using Instagram as a virtual pin board and personal dumping ground. But I’m sure majority of you don’t actually read through 80% of what I actually type on photos. I mean, let’s be honest. Of the thousands of captions you see a day, how many of them do you read through versus scan through?

We may not always feel like we’re making strides when it comes to sustainability, but according to @bookingcom, 78% of American travelers want to travel sustainably with 63% saying they intend to stay in an eco-accommodation in 2018. So celebrate Earth Day (and yourself!) by booking a fun trip that’s also good for the environment! 🌏 🗺🌅 #clientlove #earthday
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Beaver Chief Falls, Glacier National Park, Montana

Hello Monday

It's Earth Day, Earth Day, gotta get down on Earth Day. ⬇️🌎I would've been outside if the pollen wasn't trying to kill me earlier this week.

Tongues out 👅 Tuesday - Just three young nice American girls in Rome 2009 #romanholiday #italy #rome #wine #pasta #esspresso #gelato #gypsies #worldtraveler #classyladies #traveltuesday #👅

☕️ always and forever a hoe for coffee shop aesthetic. #japanspam

Sad that Sakura season is over in Tokyo ☹️ but more reasons to come back again 🌸

grateful for the chance to explore 🌎 | 📸: @hellochristinetsao #earthday #hiking👣 #stebbinscoldcanyon

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