Not talking about this photo specifically but did I ever mention how I'm obsessed with people in this city? They just keep WOWing me, by living in their own style, at their own pace in the coolest way. Maybe, maybe one day I'll just walk up and go, hey I think you are chill let's make a movie together. Being able to say that I could apply for a school and study film next year, I mean, why the heck not?
And again, can't believe I'm leaving in three months and Montreal, will you be like, no you're not, we're just getting to the fun part.

rain & planes • ✈️🌩
(📸: @blandellemic )

Everything comes to you at the right time. In God’s perfect time, You may delay but his time will not. Just be patient and trust him.👆🏻⏳


🇧🇷 IGUAZU on the Brazil side 🙌🏽 Views are so much more picturesque from Brazil~ it doesn’t quite capture the intensity of the falls like the Argentinian side.

우리 깐풍이 너무 예쁜 미모 보세요🤭
깐풍이 주려고 서울에서 하네스를 공수해왔다.
분명 대형견전용이라고 되어있었는데 우리 깐풍이는 초대형견인가보다.
그래서 목에 걸어줬다.
근데 깐풍이 산책 안나간지 오만년이기도 하고 너무 덥기도 하고 그래서 걷기 시작한지 10분만에 헥헥거림.
차근차근 시작하자 깐풍아.

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