Transformation Tuesday, Mean Streak into Steel Vengeance. One of the worse coasters at CP into one of the best. #transformationtuesday #cplikenoother #meanstreak #steelvengeance #fyecoasters -Matt

Day 15 of INSANITY... Only 45 more days to go👀😂 Normally something like this would scare the living 💩 outta me but it excites me knowing I have 45 more days of this shit. I can only imagine the progress I'm going to make!! FR tho one week in and I saw those little lines on the sides of my abs pop 😮💥 I've lost fat off my back, thighs, arms + shoulders and I actually FEEEEL myself getting stronger 💪🏼💕 I did my 2nd Fit Test today (check out my insta stories 😏👆🏼) + I'm proud of the progress I've already made in just 2 weeks 😍😍😍 I'm so glad I took the plunge you guys!!! Y'all know I was scared af 😂 but if I can do this, so can you 💯

It’s transformation Tuesday! I still have the backsplash, counters and walls to do, but just looking at the cabinets and how different they are is really encouraging me to me finish. Swipe right to see before pictures.

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PP update: I have a lot of people messaging me with questions so I’ll address them here. I started working out 3 weeks PP. I have been a very focused lifter for 4 years now and worked out all the way through my pregnancy until the very end. I know my body extremely well. So I got started when I knew my body was ready. I don’t need to hear what YOUR doctor said about YOUR body after YOUR delivery. 🤷🏼‍♀️ also. I am not sad about my physique. I still love the skin I’m in because my baby was created from this body. I will start over and I will build even better because my purpose is stronger. I have officially completely each muscle group for the first time and I am EXCITED for this new beginning. Soon I’ll have a new #transformationtuesday to post! 💪🏻

Happy Birthday to my role model and reason I am who I am today Victor Jeddore. Helped raise me, taught me what it takes to be a man and provide for and protect your family, Took me in the woods, and been there for me since I was born. Strongest man I ever met 🥩💪🏽 Biggest strongest 50 year old in Canada and one the NICEST people you could ever meet.

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Although you can see some change in these pictures the one I’m proud of the most is the change that can’t be seen, aka my mentality transformation, mentality? Mental? Idk but basically how I see myself!
Can you tell I hated showing off my arms? I remember putting myself down alllllll the time... “they’re gross, no one wants to see that, flabby wings of skin, stretch marks, make your shoulders look broader and bigger, you’ll regret not covering up” and so on... I never ever ever would wear something that showed off my upper arms. I would have rather sweat my ass, pits, face off than ever take of the mini cardigan, jacket, sweater or whatever I was using to cover up. Idk why I was so against them but the point is I just was and sometimes still can be. The difference now is that I (sounds like a Nike sponsor) but I just do it! I just wear something and realize how much no one cares lol -so dumb- but seriously I exercise that “just do it” mentality at least once a week so that eventually it’ll just become natural to grab any damn shirt! Gym Tank, spaghetti, sleeveless dress, you name it. No not everyone is staring and if they are embrace it bc it’s yours to do so ❤️

#transformationtuesday exercise edition. On the left, me after #myfirst5k in 2009. I couldn’t run very much of it and it felt like a marathon. On the right, me after #myfirsthalfmarathon. I ran all but about 1 min of the 13.1 miles, and that includes the hills! 2009 me couldn’t have imagined the things 2018 me has accomplished. I’m about 65 pounds lighter and way more energetic now. #ww #weightwatchers #fitnessjourney #wwpnw #wwwashington #dreambig #goaldigger #seealirun #mswarrior #glowment #beyondthescale #autoimmunedisease

I got really sick a little over a week ago and had to go to the ER for the night. As you all may know vet bills can be outrageous so if any of you can help by donating or sharing the post my humans and I would very greatly appreciate it💕

Link is in bio💙
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Today I made the decision to leave a stylist I’ve been seeing for 24 years because she could never get my color right. It was hard and nerve racking but I’m sooooo glad I did!!! Thank you @hairbyskylak for an amazing transformation and being extra patient with me! The blonde balayage is so natural looking and I totally feel like my happy peppy self! #transformationtuesday #nomakeup #nofilter #prettyhair #balayage. @hairbyskylak is my hero!

If you lose weight in 6 months or 6 years
They’re going to keep it moving regardless
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Stay in your own journey lane and do what you can with the body you have
This isn’t a marathon
You’re not racing anyone but YOU
Inspired by @nancys_journey, love her 🤗

21 vs 33
age has only made me better and stronger! #transformationtuesday #transformation #gains💪 #earnednotgiven

#noglutesnoglory I’ve been running in the same shorts for my whole running career of 5 years. They never let me down thru literally thick and thin, they’ve embraced the 🍑 the whole journey. They are like the sister-hood-of-the-traveling-pants shorts greeting me at every transformation 😅#nike #sisterhoodofthetravelingpants #transformationtuesday

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