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*moves hand back and forth* but frs don’t touch people if they don’t give consent . and that’s my PSA of the day :)

Blackkklansman is directed by Spike Lee and stars John David Washington and Adam Driver as the first black detective in Colorado Springs, tries to prove himself by infiltrating the KKK with the help of his Jewish partner posing as a white supremacist. This is yet another film that has been hyped to the moon, even bolstering a 95% on rotton tomatoes, but to be honest, it didn't fully land for me. This is a good movie overall, with good performances, but the script is a mess and I found the tone to be overly aggressive and borderline abrasive when it didn't have to be. Not the film I was hoping for and I definitely don't see how this could end up on anyone's top of the year list?
So let's start with the things I didn't like. Now, I'm not easily offended, but a lot of the language and slurs in this film just felt gratuitous and really rubbed me the wrong way. And I'm not exactly sure why the use bothers me here vs a film like Django, which didn't? It all just feels very personal and subjective. Maybe it's because it felt like it was played for comedy here and everytime I heard Driver say the "N" word, I knew he didn't mean it and it just felt unnatural and gross for his character. And I know this film had to be historically accurate and I know this type of stuff happened, but that doesn't mean I have to like the way it was done. They never really strike a good balance between the comedy and drama here. The tone is all over the place and they never really flow together. Lee's direction is all over as well and he definitely isn't his strongest here. The scene in the nightclub with the floating heads is one of the weirdest, worst directing choices I've seen all year.
I do think the film has some good performances though. Washington proves himself as a leading man and him and Driver have some great chemistry together. The comedy between them works very well. Grace is also really good as this politician like Klan leader and adds a real believability to his character. This film suffers from a lack of vision and tonal shifts that just do not work. Some may really like this film, but I found it to be a little pretentious and flat in execution.
SCORE - 7/10

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