Barbara Chiles, Tony Chiles and Kevin Chiles, 1969.

Rest In Peace to Barbara Chiles. Your sons are both continuing your legacy. Thank you for breeding two men who have in returned helped alot of younger men out by showing then the right way. Salute to @tonychiles @tiffany_chiles @dondivamagazine for the help and platform they have given many people including us. I know Ms. Chiles is smiling down on you all. #DonDivaMagazine #DonDiva #RIPBarbaraChiles #KevinChiles #TonyChiles #Bronx #Harlem

Kevin Chiles, 1990.

One day in 1989, two men walked in the home of Kevin Chiles mom, intending to rob and steal, and they ended up killing her. Later, Kevin Chiles saw the mother of one of the murderers outside, and he chose not to do what they did to his mother, to their mother. He left. His reasoning was that the poor lady probably had no clue what scumbags her sons grew up to be. His better judgement and compassion came over him, which is the most gangster shit of all, when you give mercy.
Kevin Chiles ran his own organization from the early 80s to the early 90s. He later got caught up in 1994 and did around 10 years in prison just to come out and better his life. He founded the Don Diva company, a magazine dedicated to giving a platform to former gangsters and imprisoned gangsters so they can tell their stories. He has helped many people with his recent plights after prison, and has the support of many of the rap community and street community, and his wife, Tiffany Chiles, and his family, including his brother Tony Chiles. Salute to this man #KevinChiles #TonyChiles #TiffanyChiles #DonDiva #Harlem #Bronx

Celebrity look alike. #TonyChiles #TarajiP

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