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From the days when record labels sent you postcards telling you about the next new 12 ,,album or remix #naughtybynature #tommyboyrecords #bigliferecords #postcards #hiphop ##90shiphop

3 Feet High and Rising | De La Soul | 1989 | Tommy Boy Records
Growing up in a small house with older siblings meant I was forced to listen to their music whether I wanted to or not. Through their relentless assault on my ears, my brother and sister inadvertently created a musical backdrop for many of my childhood memories. From this period, there’s one album in particular that made a lasting impression on my life: 3 Feet High and Rising by @wearedelasoul.

With no frame of reference and little understanding of hip hop history, you could listen to this now, in 2018, and be forgiven for thinking that it’s just another 80s hip hop album, albeit a very good one. But it’s actually much more than this. At the time of its release, during the golden age of hip hop, this album was truly groundbreaking. The eclectic samples, the skits, the socially conscious lyrics, the artwork, the complete rejection of the macho norms that dominated hip hop.... literally everything about this album was unique and there was nothing else that sounded like it at the time.
Indeed my brother owned it on CD, and I distinctly remember how it stuck out like a sore thumb amongst all his other records, CDs and cassettes. I recall being fascinated by the colourful artwork and the high-spirited, self-deprecating mood that accompanied the music. Although I didn’t understand or appreciate how much of a musical milestone this album was back then, I still somehow knew, as an 8 year old boy who could barely tie his shoe laces, that this album was all kinds of special.

3FH&R was my earliest exposure to hip hop, and to this day, I’ve never come across another hip hop album that a.) sounds as creative and b.) conveys as much positivity as this one does. There’s so much later hip hop from the 90s and 00s that seems dated and irrelevant now, but this somehow remains fresh. Fresh as a daisy.

From the days when record labels sent you postcards telling you about the next new 12 ,,album or remix #naughtybynature #tommyboyrecords #bigliferecords #postcards #hiphop ##90shiphop

This one got spoke about a few weeks back at a hang at my house, probably one of the most wack hip hop cds I own... Lol. I always knew that Scott Caan( James Caan’s son) was on this but it was brought to my attention that his partner in rhyme on this album was also The Alchemist. Crazy!! @parkprovince #thewhooliganz #1993 #tommyboyrecords #everlast #djlethal #goldenage

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If you have to ask about this you need to get familiar. Classic #kungfaux #funny #tommyboyrecords #hiphop #kungfu #dubover #kodi @dwade410

Produced by @trueonthatrac & @jackpothitz • First single from the upcoming album #Deathwish via @tommyboyrecords • October 12
Clink Link in Bio to Pre Save • http://smarturl.it/still_popping
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October 12th. • @tef_poe “Still Popping” produced by @trueonthatrac and @jackpothitz be the first to have it by clicking the link in Bio. • Spotify Pre Save: http://smarturl.it/still_popping
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Still Popping. 1st single from the new album. Coming soon.
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