I am the generous Queen! Ask Ms.Ellen #I DonÔÇÖt need no frauds #PickAhSide #TokyoDiamond­čĺÄ custom Tokyo robe by @dlgfashionsboutique

Idk how many times i have to stress this to ppl I get inboxed everyday to do this n do that I'm by far Hollywood but ppl. Need to understand it cost to get your hair done it cost to get your make up done it cost to get your outfit it Cost for good quality so I won't work for free when I know I have to pay to get myself together for your videoshoot,photoshoot,magazine,promoting,hosting etc then I'm losing and I hate to lose pay me what I'm worth I have a mouth to feed just like the rest so please if it ain't about the money don't b blow me up n wasting my time please and thank u . #tokyodiamond­čĺÄ

I told y'all don't sleep on me I'm bout to wake u non supporting hating ass mf up 2016 I coming for you and you tardy bitches getting left #tokyodiamond­čĺÄ

I'm coming for everything they said I couldn't #slaythesebitches #tokyodiamond­čĺÄ #justwaitonit­čśł #kcPromoter­čÄČ#KcHost­čÄĄ #KcEyeCandy­čŹş Idc what nobody thinks of me I believe in myself

They was all mad last night But i know why ill make yo bitch wanna get some act right when i walk thru #TokyoDiamond­čĺÄ

I heard­čĹé a couple of bitches ­čĹşwon't it with me ­čĺ¬better call your mama and make sure she got some insurance homie ­čöź
#ill Turn­čćÖforAhCheck­čĺ░
S/O to Encore for Last-nigh

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