New blog post on Nikko up: www.cheeserland.com
I’m quite pleased with my determination to complete the postings on this trip before we travel again. Else it’s gonna be endless 😅. #cheesieintochigi #visittochigi

中禅寺❤︎ drafting last blog post on Chuzenji, Nikko, so that I could move on back to Hiroshima, Aomori, Hakodate, and forward to our family trip next week back to Tokyo. 😅

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That autumn gradation... 🍁

New blog post on Nikko if you haven’t read: www.cheeserland.jp

What’s your favorite place to visit in Japan (if you can even choose one)? 🇯🇵♥️ #cheesieintochigi

【Announcement】@JapanRailCafe is having a special Tochigi Prefecture event on 2&3 December, and I’d be there to share my travel experience in Nikko! 😊Other than that, there’s also Tochigi Ichigo sampling (!!!),🍓🍓🍓 virtual reality space and also lucky draw! Do visit @JapanRailCafe’s FB page! Anyone coming? 😊

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My favorite building in Tokyo. 🗼
Except that... I don’t remember it being surrounded by hills... Ah. This Tokyo Tower exists in Tobu World Square, a theme park full of 1/25 scaled famous architecture sites of the world. I’d recommend this as a must-go if you visit Tochigi, or even if you are not!

Read my new blog post: www.cheeserland.jp

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Attention to everyone who is planning to visit Nikko! 😊 Did you know that there’s a special Nikko pass that gives you great value on train ticket and attraction discounts? The very comfortable TOBU Spacia express train departs from Asakusa station, and you may also buy the pass at the tourist information counter in the station. Check out the TOBU Nikko All Area Pass on my latest blog post!
Read: www.cheeserland.jp
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Are you tired of seeing all the autumn foliage on this feed yet? 🍁😛まだまだ紅葉が恋しい❤︎ #cheesieinTochigi #visitTochigi

日光金谷ホテル🍁アインシュタインもお泊りになったクラッシックホテル🏨。I’d definitely recommend one night stay if you visit Nikko. There’s so much to do, and you’d want to enjoy the scenic wonders one at a time, at a relaxed pace.
I had the honor to stay in Nikko Kanaya Hotel, the oldest ever western resort hotel in Japan, where Albert Einstein had also spent a sojourn in.

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Nikko❤︎ Come here in late October. These mountains would be glowing in hues of red, orange and yellow🍁🍂. 紅葉は少し残念ですが、逆にもう一回来てみたいと思っちゃいます❤︎
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🍂Throw also throw back 不完 all my Japan trips... soon it’s gonna be winter, and I’m still not done with my summer blog posts 😳. Which one do you vote?
1. Aomori🍎
2. Nagasaki🏮
3. Hakodate🦀
4. Hiroshima⛩
5. Nikko🍁


Lunch place today 😍. I know what many would visit Nikko/Tochigi for a day trip but honestly one day is not enough!! When I’m back I’d write a proper travel guide blog post on Nikko ❤︎ #cheesieintochigi

My 3rd visit to Miyajima island, Hiroshima. ⛩But... something’s strange with this picture. Did you realize what’s wrong?
Swipe to find out. 😬
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This is real. Because I took this picture.🍂🍁 #cheesieinTochigi #Nikko #TobuPass

Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture nao. Watch my IG stories for live updates ^^. #cheesieinTochigi #TobuLine

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