NEW MUSIC 🔊🔊 “They ask me where i get my inspiration and thats easy see /
Always wanna be there on the call so if you needed me /
But sometimes i start to doubt and get zoned out so easily/
even tho im lookin down somehow you still believe in me-
Lets get intricate ‘ Their normal views i wasnt interested/
And this musics flowin right through me im like an Instrument-
Either hit or miss ‘ i think their attitude was bitterness
Truely they can do nothing to me thats no coincidence-
Lately i could call this the best days of our lives-
You Heard me right/
And im so fully invested in my vibe-
So hold me high-
And you cant tell no lies and thats shit i like thats on life
And You cant live that life without no sacrifice i know thats right /I mean rightly i think of you this is timely /Hypnotized me with loyalty thank you kindly /imma take it highly if you choose to Find me
/I know life is love ‘ No need to remind me “

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