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Day 4 of #wishuponastaryogis challenge movie is Up!. I chose 3 legged downward facing dog pose for Dug. "I was hiding under your porch because I love you. Can I stay?." 💖Hosts💖
@ohhellohair (*tag in caption only*)
Movie Line Up (every day is Yogis Choice of Pose!)🌟
1. Beauty and the Beast✔
2. Big Hero 6✔
3. 101 Dalmatians ✔
4. Up!✔
5. Finding Nemo
6. Moana
7. Zootopia
8. Tangled
9. Yogis Choice of Movie
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Day 29 of #BuildYourCrow #ThreeLeggedDownDog 👉 #HighLungepose but I inadvertently did #warrior2pose. .

Much love 💜and gratitude 🙏🏻 to the beautiful hosts and sponsors.

@bisetops .
pose lineup:

Day 16 Cat 👉 Cow ✔️
Day 17 Happy Baby 👉 Boat✔️
Day 18 Star Plank 👉 Wild Thing✔️
Day 19 Compass 👉 Elephant ✔️
Day 20 Flying Tiger 👉 Tiger ✔️
Day 21 Goddess 👉 Malasana 👉 Baby Crow✔️
Day 22 Down Dog 👉 Chaturanga 👉 Up Dog ✔️
Day 23 Plank 👉 Push Up 👉 Side Plank✔️
Day 24 Chair 👉 Twisted Chair 👉 Side Crow ✔️
Day 25 Camel 👉 Gate ✔️
Day 26 Dolphin 👉 Down Dog ✔️
Day 27 Shoulder Press 👉 Firefly ✔️
Day 28 Lizard 👉 Flying Lizard✔️
Day 29 Three Legged Down Dog 👉 High Lunge ✔️
Day 30 Forward Fold 👉 Pendant 👉 Crow
After Day 15, we start back at 1⃣! .
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More stretching, less stressing 💜
Come practice with me tonight @yogateaandme 5:30pm 📸: Brenna Lucia Photography

Keeping it simple because less can be more. That’s what I’m working on now in all aspects of my life. 💖

Eka Pada Ado Mukha Svanasana

Day 9 of #trueloveasana
#yoga #workinprogress #lessismore #keepitsimple #threeleggeddowndog

I belive, that some good routine, some rituals are essentual for happy life (at least for my happy life). So I do some stuff every day - I do my meditation practice, my asana practice, I brush my teeth, I walk Shanti,... And as you probably already know my ashtanga practice is kind of the same very day... Today I didn’t sleep very well. I woke up tired and not ready to do anything, but I had my class at 9:15, so I had to practice as soon as possible. I went to my yoga studio sit in meditation and after about 15 minutes felt asleep. I didn’t know how long I slept, but when I woke up it was 15 minutes till the time people are suppouse to come for the class. So I decided to so the practice after it. Had a coffee and banana (because I had plenty of time to my practice and didn’t wanna starve till 1PM), I sat with the coffee on the couch and found out that It’s just 7:30 - One hour less, than I taught....so what now...I finished the coffee and decided to do whatever I can do in those 75 minutes. As my practice usually takes at least 90 minutes plus relaxation I was ready to do just part of it. So I started, and I felt that I wanna try to change something, so I changed the speed. Long story short I finished while first series in 60 minutes. No extra movements, no exploring if I can go deeper in some asanas. I just did what came to me at that very moment. And relaxation was incredible 10 minutes flew like 2.My body was buzzing...The point is, that the practice is never the same and it can help you to explore parts of yourself, that you didn’t know you have. Beacause you never have just one option, you have infinity. All you need is to broaden your view ✨💙 #jogaprodobrouvec with @theczechyogi and 2 PART flow, that I did after I finished the class 😜

Jana Najbrtová @theczechyogi
Zuzana Klingrová @zuzana_klingrova
Tomáš Strnad @tomash_strnad
Katka Burešová @katkayoga
Daniela Bacíková @bacidani
Klára Pokorná @klara_yoga
Terezka Korcová @terezka_yoga
Lucka Štěpánková @lucewithlove
Irena Banda @irenabandayogacoach

It’s not often that we get warm days during winter months in Massachusetts so the kids and I played outside for a while. Spring💐🌷🌹🌸🌼 , we are ready for you 🙏🌻 #letspracticeyoga #threeleggeddowndog #namaste
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Just preparing for today’s class with the Squeak! 🙈She took my leg warmers off to wear them and then I remembered she has some of her own. Looks like leg warmers & undies for the rest of this cold day it is! ☺️ Sometimes I wonder if most kiddos just naturally move a lot this way. Or if it’s from teaching so much yoga w me and watching me practice. And then I come back to my post yesterday - it’s a bit of both!!! Give the kiddos credit, give ourselves credit. We all deserve it! Super grateful she gets to learn deep breaths and fun exploration of her body at such a young age. And leg warmers. They’re the best. Happy Monday, y’all! #babesandbabies

It’s #monday .... Joining Host: @sun_city_yogi for #MindsetResetMondays This is my favorite pose to do after I have finished my routine at the gym - #threeleggeddowndog
Join me... We all could use a reminder to:
....especially on Mondays 😉Hashtags:
Would @dr.eadloxyogi @lisa_townsend15 and @realhousewifeyogi like to play? #yoga #yogacommunity #namaste #yogaatthegym #fatyoga #fatyogi #curvyyogi #curvyyoga #plussizeyoga #plussizeyogi #mondays #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #mondayvibes ✌🏼

I spent the first sunny Saturday of the year with friends and family on Brighton Beach. Around sunset the tide went out to reveal sand beyond the pebbles and stones. I couldn't resist a making the most of the beautiful setting and light. It was a soul nourishing evening.

I usually beg my sister or partner to take pictures for me for my social media accounts, however on this occasion my friend and pro photographer & Blogger @onepleasantday was on hand to snap these special shots.

I've mentioned it before, but I think it is important to point out that instagram isn't the most conducive thing to yogic philosophy. Yoga is not about making cool shapes and looking 'good' (whatever that is). Yoga is about dedication to finding clarity, peace and connection between body and mind, about overcoming obstacles, and being compassionate and kind to yourself, others, the planet and beyond. It is a journey inwards, accessed through the external body, rather than simply making your body take a certain position. Few insta yogi accounts capture a true practice. Most pictures and videos are staged, set and planned. I just think it is important to bare this in mind when we see beautiful and 'perfect' yoga pics which were taken for promotional purposes.
#yoga #beachyoga #brighton #brightonbeach #threeleggeddog #threeleggeddowndog #downwarddog #sunset #sand #waves #sussexyoga #yogateacher # yogastudent #studentyogi #yogainspo # yogadaily #yogaeverydamnday #yogaonandoffthemat #yogi #instayogi #universityofsussex #sussexuni #ussu

It’s time to release your inner child, have fun , try new things without fear, be adventurous, be spontaneous ✨ Life is too short to be miserable and closed minded 💚
I was a little nervous of doing my three legged Downward facing dog on the handles of that bridge - but i ended up doing it and it was so much fun :) Maybe next time I will do a handstand - that would be awesome 😄 - Try new things, new yoga styles, get out of your comfort zone that’s when life gets a little more interesting 🙏🏻 #yogaonthebridge#zengarden#yogaeverydamnday#yogainthegarden#threeleggeddowndog#YTT200memories#yogainspiration#yogalover#yogateacher

When you’re trying to maintain your balance cuz the snow is so slippery WHILE trying to get some sort of a stretch
AND tryin not to get knocked over by your happy dogs 🐕🐶 AND tryin to look cool 😎🤘🏽
ALL at the same time 😂😂😂
Happy #yogisstretchmonday 🤗
I was tagged by @jennyg2bfit & @carrieagroff to join @adam_earthdominion @t_om_ma_h and @arcierojoe on the quest to stretch 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
I got very LITTLE sleep last night 😑& I have a hectic schedule today so that probably means no yoga for me today😬so even this little bit of a stretch feels so good 😉
I hope you all have a productive Monday 👊🏽
Would @leslieharrisyoga like to play next? 😊
#outdoorstretching #yogawithdogs #dogsofig #rayleighsyoga #dogwalkingyoga #threeleggeddowndog #yogaanywhere #yogaover50 #donttakeyourselftooseriously #doitanywhere

In honor of the Chinese New Year of the dog here’s a three legged down dog or tri pada adho mukha svanasana. Trying to get rid of this crazy back pain that I’ve been feeling for some time now - this pose helps with stretching the entire body as well as relief from back pain. #threeleggeddowndog #tripadhaadomukhasvanasana #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #stretch #progress #coconutlife

I hope this counts as a standing bend for #vdyogis .... I just realized I could have done this one for yesterday (for splits with bend). 😆. A #threeleggeddowndog is more challenging than standing splits for me. I assume it’s the bend and shoulder opening. Therefore this counts to me 😁. Hope your Saturday is going amazingly well!! I am practicing yoga by the pool after a rigorous spin class this morning. I had skipped cardio all week and Saturday class reminded me why it’s good to get cardio done more than once a week 😝. Lesson learned. .

Here is the vdyogis line up :

Forward fold ✅
Inversion with backbend ✅
Hip opener with backbend ✅
Side bend ✅
Bending warriors ✅
Splits with any bend ✅
Standing bend ✅
Laying on the stomach bend
Bend by the wall
Yogis choice .

Loving hosts❤

@yoga_miss_tee .

Generous sponsors💜

@modernmalas .

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