Happy Birthday to my day one, my go-to, my best friend. #theydontmakeemlikeyounomore

•|~ 5/5/2018 SINGLE DE MAYO 🌮 🇲🇽

played in that girly shit called “make up” and took some selfies; the finished results 🙄
@meccaiman thanks beautiful for making sure I had the right foundation and all that good up good up stuff 😘💕

To the panelist... WOOOWWW!! You ladies knocked the roof off the building! I’m so humbled and honored to have shared that experience with you’ll. My phone is still ringing and dinging about you’ll! “You could’ve been anywhere in the world but you were there with us and we appreciate that”- Hov 😉Thank you! 🙏🏽😘

I’ve always been told, I’m a strong woman. 🙏🏽 I try my best everyday to keep going for my baby girl. Not having a mother can be really hard💔 but I know she’s always with me and my daughter no matter what. I sure do miss her. I love you mommy 😘 #theydontmakeemlikeyounomore #missingyou #foreverinmyheart❤️

My father's transport out of the hospital. An honorable man right til the very end! #honorguardceremony #theydontmakeemlikeyounomore

Heather @simplyauthentic82 u are such a down ass chick! The love and support u give to your friends, putting them 1st is so selfless. You have so many great qualities and a beautiful soul. I love u for that and more !!!
#BeautifulSouls #flashback #TakemeBack #RareBreeds #cherishablemoments #RememberThis #PartyBus #TheyDontMakeEmLikeYOUnoMORE

I know to a lot of y’all 4/20 means smoking and getting fried. BUT TO ME!!.....it means something completely different.....ITS KUTTA DAY! 10yrs ago THE WORLD lost somebody REALLY SPECIAL, A father a greater rapper, and great friend. I miss you more than you could ever know. #TheyDontMakeEmLikeYouNoMore I’m on #hollywood tomorrow for you #KUTTA2YALLKEVTOME #NWO BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to my lover & my best friend! If I had to bet it all on a nigga, I would bet on my nigga❤️

I'm usually pretty good with my words but today I'm #InMyFeelings and I don't even know what to say other than #ILoveYou and #IMissYouLikeCrazy #OldMan. #TheyDontMakeEmLikeYouNoMore #TrueDefinition of a #King 👑💙👑💙👑💙 #Happy65thBirthday in #Heaven #RonaldLee #MyDaddy #MyTwin I'll #Scream #FuckCancer 🖕🏽 #Today #Tomorrow and the next in your #Memory.

Because that time of the month plus a quiz plus a midterm plus no sleep plus an opening shift at work at 6:45 a.m. with school all day afterwards are a pretty brutal combo... But luckily I have myself a Salvador Chairez, a.k.a. the best man on this earth, that makes everything better no matter how horrible the circumstances😭💘🍵💐 #scsurprises #salvadorchairezmakesmehappy #theydontmakeemlikeyounomore

A #LOVENOTE for my birthday girl!
Let me start by saying — you aging like wine, and not milk, so big shout out to God and good genes.
First my sister, forever my friend/confidant/licensed therapist/voice of reason. Happy birthday to one of the most important and influential people in my life. I always find myself in awe of how you handle life, and everything it throws at you, with grace. I could never thank you enough for setting the standard, and paving the way.
Thank you for your unwavering support and steadfast belief in my abilities. Thank you for all the unsolicited advice, prayers, and wisdom. Thank you for being just as passionate about my dreams as you are your own. Thank you for being a woman worth wanting to emulate. Thank you for sewing endless love, kindness, and positivity into the fabric of my life. Thank you for instilling in me the importance of paying blessings forward.
NePresha, you are truly a gem of a person, and I promise to make you so proud. Nobody compares to you! Love you forever, sista. ❤️

Amongst many things, PAC was a prophet, a revolutionary & a humanitarian trying to navigate this crazy world like the rest of us. He was powerful & knowledgeable beyond measure and that is the real threat to the system #GOAT #TupacTakeTheWheel #TheyDontMakeEmLikeYouNoMore

Happy Birthday Gram, today would have been your 98th Birthday. I see you in my Daughters Eyes 👀 Seems like yesterday you were yelling at me... Joseph out of the pool lol #HappyBirthday #Gram #98YearsOld #OldSchool #BrooklynsFinest #Brooklyn #TheyDontMakeEmLikeYouNoMore #iMissYouGram 😰🙏🏼🙏🏾

Fine girl fair like fanta!!!
Happy Birthday Queen!
1. Chocolate and caramel cake
2. Just wondering why my nose isn't pointed like that
3. Her face when she wants to get me to agree to sth I don't like.
4. Wondering how that gold necklace blends in with her skin #GoldenChild
5. Competitors, let's go one on one 😉
6. Winners circle.
7. How people see her when I say she's so damn troublesome

#Nefertari #CaramelChewChew #TheyDontMakeEmLikeYouNoMore #MoreCurlsThanNWA #MoreCurvesThanLetterS

12 years ago I remember meeting you on the Boulevard, & you introduced yaself as "M.R"...."Mentally Retarded" 🤦🏻‍♀️😩😂 I still hollered & kicked it wit you, until they took you away from me 💔
Unfortunately the universe only let me have you physically for, 4 years, 8 months & 6 days 💔 But your Soul belongs to ME, so I know I'll see you again someday Wichi 😏 Love You Foreva 🙏🏼🌬✨#FrozenInTime #WichiBaby380 #HappyAnniversary #MyGhettoLoveStory #WichiForeva #TheyDontMakeEmLikeYouNoMore

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