R.i.p. pac...ur music and ur message lives on...they got money for wars but can't feed the poor. So true, ahead of your time.☝✊❤#rip#tupac#legend#message#powertothepeople#waronpoverty#sothepolicecanbotherme#theydontmakeemlikeyounomore#wakeup

The Attitude && The Wisdom ❤️ #TheyDontMakeemLikeYouNomore #Thugpassion

i miss you. i miss your friendship. people are so temporary nowadays B. so ... not you. i just wish i could talk to you again. 11. 3. #bestfriend. #TheyDontMakeEmLikeYouNoMore. #TheBtoMyA. 🙏🏾❤️📌🙇🏾

A day ill NEVER forget always been a real and solid nigga you gone forever be missed Lamont 👌🏾🙏❤👐🏾 #TheCityCameOutForYou #TheyDontMakeEmLikeYouNomore

I would love to wish a very happy birthday to my soulmate, my best of friend, my beautiful cancer♥️🌙 Words aren’t enough to describe how much your presence into my life means to me.
You are a glare of sunshine on a cloudy day ☀️
I can’t thank you enough for riding with me through the good && the bad!
You are the realest bitch I’ve ever met and I thank god for putting you in my path once again🌹🌻
I love you so much amiga, mi katt!! You beautiful soul, you deserve the BEST and more life has to offer you!
If only you can see yourself through my eyes you’ll understand how much of an amazing human being you are.
I’d be lost without you 👯‍♀️✨
Cheers to YOU, to US, to LOVE, to LIFE && HAPPINESS🌱😍 🌈
I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us🤞🏼
#itsacancerthing ♋️
#salud 🥂🍾🍾

@soulsource_est1981 You Took A Chance With Me & For That I’ll ALWAYS Love, Appreciate & Respect You💯 #You’re The Real MVP Boss🙌🏾😎❤️ @soulsource_est1981 @soulsource_est1981 #TheyDontMakeEmLikeYouNoMore #Solid #MyBro4Life❤️🤞🏾

HAPPY G DAY @tellemblancosentya
“Damn I wish there were more like you!” #lastofadyingbreed #theydontmakeemlikeyounomore
#mroneofone #atm #5050us #salute🙌🏽💪🏽💯 ・・・
“County Of Kings”
“White AKA BLaNco”
“Ocean Hill BRoWNsViLLe”
“Never Ran Never Will”
“Another Lap Around The Sun !! “
Happy G Day To Me !!
“Nothing Realer Than Surviving 38 Years In The Jungles Of Medina !!”You Think Doing Years In Jail Is Real !!? Try Doing 38 Years On The Pavement In Brooklyn Through The Late 80’s 90’s And 2000’s Without Getting Caught Up Or Killed !! Beyond Blessed And Grateful !! Im Just Happy To Still Be Here !! First Stop Schermerhorn Street For Criminal Court Cause The Struggle Don’t Stop !! Than Off To See My Favorite Two People In The World Momma And Poppa Love💯👑💯‼️”

Beaaaautifullllllll I just want you to knooowww, you’re my favvorite girl! Ooooh Oohh oh ohhhh (in my Pharrell voice) 😂
Welcome to the dub one club my love. 21 never looked so good on you! Definitely the level up. Happy Birthday! #SinceUniversalDays #StayedTheSame #NeverChanged #Thurl #TheyDontMakeEmLikeYouNoMore #MB4L

Happy G day to my one & only❤️ #Californication #TheyDontMakeEmLikeYouNoMore

Lady Cassandra of House Osceola, Breaker of BS, OG named Dont Start None Won't Be None, and rightful heir to the Throne😍😍😍 #mama #harderworker #tougherthansteel #oldschool #wcw #birdclan #theydontmakeemlikeyounomore #fordgirl

Welp, I bought my first car. Allow me to introduce him, his name is Bob Randy Ulf Herman and he’s pretty awesome. I’d also like to officially say goodbye to McYummy...bro we had some good times together over 10 years. You almost always got me to point B safe and sound you were a monster beating everybody off the line at red lights even though I had to move on I’ll never forget you. We had a good run but we’ve come to the end of the road. #igotakiaLAbronconfirmed #pleasedontcomelebron #endoftheroad #newadventures #ifyouseemeonthehighwaygetthefoutofmyway #trafficjustmeanskaraokepractice #2doorfords #theydontmakeemlikeyounomore #RememberMcYummy

Screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestie for her 25TH BIRTHDAY!! 🗣🎉 Bri, you are so ambitious and selfless! I really admire that about you. You’re seriously as real as they come and I’m blessed to have you in my life. I am so proud of you for the woman that you are becoming and all that you continue to accomplish! I know there is so much more that God has in store for you and I can’t wait to watch it all unfold. You are such a beautiful person inside and out and deserve the best that this world has offer. I pray that year 25 is filled with peace, joy and love. Love you!! 💞👯‍♀️🥂
#YouAreTheSun 😂

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