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LMAO which would you say???
#theoden #theodenappreciation

Her Lifestyle will always be the Goal🏅#TheOden's🏅#southafrica #othersideoftheworld #realvacation

If Monrowe could be a sound it would be Leon Bridges "River". #TheOden

Uyanın #Theoden in süvarileri.

My sweet Theoden is 7 today! Happy birthday, little boy! You are loved far more than you'll ever know! 🎂🎁🎉 #Theoden #theodenwright

Ride out to meet them! #rohan #theoden #herugrim #lotr


And so, our honeymoon quest through New Zealand comes to a close. Did we learn anything here? Love conquers all. Kiwis are awesome. Airline miles get you places you could never visit otherwise. And of course: don't mess with the Barony of Starnesylvania.

This might be the winner.

Another take on the Frank Frazetta pose...

On the other hand, I was over there trying to capture the perfect "sneaky knife-wielding advisor" pose. The other reason I love Rohan is my crush on Brad Dourif as Wormtongue, because of course.

This other gal on the tour 100% showed up to be Eowyn. She immediately grabbed the replica of Theoden's sword and started looking out dramatically over the valley with her hair blowing around. I absolutely admire her commitment to the project. #respect

The Way of the Sword with Robert Starnes. He does HEMA fencing in New Orleans so he actually looks natural holding a blade. I mostly ran around making faces (see next photo set).

Robert mostly posed with Andúril, because he does not mess around.

Many attempts to capture the perfect Conan the Barbarian-esque pose. Love the string of fallen weapons behind us, though somewhat cheapened by the creeper in the background 😉.

Basically just get ready for about a million pictures of us goofing around with medieval weaponry in front of a badass vista.

Climbing to the site of the Golden Hall. Pretty sure I have a replica of Boromir's sword here. #dead #inmorewaysthanone

The climb to the top of Mt Sunday. Yes, they gave us swords to play with.

You can see Mount Sunday to the center-left between the grassy stretch in the foreground and the snowy mountains in the background. That was where they physically constructed the city of Edoras and the Golden Hall of Meduseld for the Two Towers. Sadly, unlike the hobbit holes, it's long gone. But we still got to climb to the top...

We went with a company called @hasslefreetours and enjoyed a dreamy ride to the Edoras location with lots of LOTR commentary along the way. The ubiquitous golden grass of Rohan is half the reason I love that part of the movie so much.

I realized I still hadn't posted the last big nerdy photo set from New Zealand... so, without further ado: welcome to Rohan! The Edoras scenes were filmed around Mount Sunday on the South Island, a few hours from Christchurch.

I am and always will be Thèoden because it's only October for goodness sake and I'm not ready for all that shit again 😂😂 #christmasgrinch #grinchlife #theoden #shouldvebeenkingofRohan #noxmasinRohan

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