LOVING this audiobook - The Yoga Matrix. Learning so very much and am furiously scribbling notes all over the show. 🤓🕉✌🏼
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#theyogamatrix throwback! 👈🏻Artistically edited vs. unedited. I am so grateful that IG is a beautiful platform where I can merge #art, #yoga, #writing, and my creative endeavors! And engage my muse! 😍😅🙏☺️❤️ .
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Last two days of #HangOutWithPaul - and when I was thinking about how to be creative for Day 7, it dawned on me how it was a weird combination of a couple that’d stand for Day 6... First did this weird #TrinitySplits arm balance for the #TheYogaMatrix challenge a few months ago, and it’s so hard keeping balance, hips up, lifting the leg to bend! But it does have the same elements as the other two I squished in - #halfmoonpose and a regular #handstand. Using Paul to keep balance whilst you find your alignment in Half Moon is really good, getting to know where your hips sit and how to hold yourself, or using the wall just to find that ‘flatness’. And handstand, same as pincha for me - I managed to hold away from Paul for three seconds! So he’s just getting a tickle in this now 😁
What a great challenge - really good fun and even more so when it develops your learning. And also helps with ‘panic I’m upside down face’ as on the first photo....
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On the menu:
Day 1 - Folding with Paul 🍑
Day 2 - Open hearts to Paul 🍑
Day 3 - Dancing with Paul 🍑
Day 4 - Splits with Paul 🍑
Day 5 - Pincha with Paul 🍑
Day 6 - Handy with Paul 🍑
Day 7 - Free flirting with Paul 🍑
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🧘🏻‍♀️ YOGA-TIME 🧘🏻‍♀️ und mein Yoga-Buddy ist total in seiner Asana versunken... Er ist kurz vor der Erleuchtung 💡... can you see his halo 😇😇😇 😉😂 Mit wem macht ihr Yoga? #yoga #yogainspiration #yogaeverywhere #yogachallenge #yogawithmycat #theyoga #theyogamatrix #iliveyoga #iloveyoga #i❤️yoga #catstagram #catsogram #asanas #asanayoga #asanaoftheday #asanaaddict #namaste🙏🏻 #namaste🕉 #meditationsoul #glowfrominside #glowfromtheinsideout #shineinsideout #shineinside #shineinsideout💫 #erleuchtung #erleuchtung💡 #halo #happysoul

#TheYogaMatrix day 3... Body Learning: Choose a pose that made you learn something new about your body.

the pose I’ve chosen is #PinchaMayurasana #Forearmstand. Developing proficiency in this pose has been an education in my deficiencies in #mobility once I knew what to look for. It’s been interesting to discover some of the compensations I was making to account for weak ROM in my shoulders or noticing a slight lumbo-pelvic imbalance. Worked on the pose the other day and discovered I’d started to reclaim some of my shoulder #ROM. Steady thoughtful practice. •
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🧠 NEW CHALLENGE 🧠 starting on February 21st! Open to all levels!
After practicing yoga for a while, everyone notices that yoga has changed something… not only your awareness and your way of thinking but also how you perceive and move your body, and how you breathe. Not only your body changes, but also your brain does.
➡️ In this challenge we want to focus on how our yoga practice changes our brain. 🧠 Come and join us to explore the mystery of the effectiveness of yoga with us! Let’s dive deeper to build a better understanding about ourselves and let’s have some fun!
Here are our topics:
1️⃣ Mindfulness : Choose a pose that is easy enough for you so you can fully focus on observing your thoughts.
2️⃣ Body perception: Choose a pose where you need to focus on many parts of your body at the same time.
3️⃣ Body Learning: Choose a pose that made you learn something new about your body.
4️⃣ Breathing: Choose a pose that makes you aware of breath or where you can freely breathe and focus on observing your breath.
5️⃣ Emotions: Choose a pose that brings you intense emotions and observe them.
6️⃣ Smiling: Choose a pose that makes you smile.
7️⃣ Behavioral Learning: Choose a pose that made you learn a new combination of movements or a new pattern of thoughts.
8️⃣ Gratefulness: Choose a pose of your choice and practice gratefulness.
How to join and win one of our 8 amazing prizes:
👉 Follow all hosts and sponsors.
👉 Repost this poster along with the hashtag #TheYogaBrain and tag 3 friends to help us spread the word.
👉 Post a picture for all of the 8 topics mentioned above.
👉 Tag all hosts and sponsors in each post.
👉 Be sure your profile is set to public, have fun and stay safe!

🧠 Your hosts with a (neuro-)scientific background:

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@yoganu.dk (European reseller of Chattra)

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#TheHighline: It’s not just for taking pictures anymore! 😁
**I’m excited to announce a new class - Wednesday’s @ 7am @equinox on the Highline. Come as my guest to practice with one of New York’s most coveted views in the background. #committosomething ... Can I choose great real estate? 🤸🏾‍♀️
📸 by @sfreneenyc

Just another day of training! 🤸🏾‍♀️#PYI #yogatherapeutics Essentials course starts this Friday @pureyoganyc. Only 5 blissful spots remain - but DM me soon...@coachescowilson might still be in this supported inversion! #wherethepropsat

Author F. Scott Fitzgerald once said,
"The test of a first-rate intelligence
is the ability to hold two opposed ideas
in the mind at the same time,
and still retain the ability to function."
Honestly, it’s difficult for me sometimes to allow for mystery in the teaching. Life has so much uncertainty as it is - we’re comforted when the story we’re being told is tied up in a neat little 🎁.
But - it’s not. Life is not so precise - and for that matter, neither is the practice. 🔮This week in training, we’ve been exploring the #negativespace - the pause, the invitation for the student’s interpretation, the poses that are not one-size-fits-all, and the silence. Mysteries and #paradox are the most intriguing, inspiring and ultimately truthful parts of our lives.

... That feeling in class where you know you the sequence and you’re like 🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️ #downtoflow

🍪 #prettymuch me after 4 privates, 2 classes and 3 hours of teacher training prep! #cookiegoals 🍪

🇺🇸I get it, US Government.
When I feel disrespected and overworked and underfunded and completely off course, I shut down too.
#makeamericakindagain 📸@sfreneenyc

👻 We don’t regularly post about our shadows. That stuff hides off the social media, in the dusky hours where we are lit by screens as we scroll through feeds like this looking for something more interesting then the moment we are in. Well, the truth is that I have had some kick-ass moments this past year, and I have had some excruciating ones, and my soul has needed both to grow.***
My shadow moments aren’t sexy. They aren’t pretty, but they are NECESSARY. In the moments I can kick back - give myself a break, and enjoy being human, it’s the shadow self that can tether me to this earth in the most satisfying of ways. Shadows always teach you where the light is. 🕯#satya

💪🏾Strength is different from power. When I see a person wielding their power in an extreme way - in a way that disrespects others or causes them harm, I always wonder what all those pyrotechnics and maneuvering are hiding. Could it be that they mistrust their own strength, or have never found it in the first place? And if I can see that insecurity in them, it certainly hides in my humanity as well, to some degree.
It’s time to move from our own strength, and not any temporary external power.

Today’s Practice: #goddesspose
I have a confession: I sometimes call this pose #horsepose because I think men won’t want to practice a pose named after a woman. And although at first glance, my conscience is OK with this choice – I’m suiting the class to the audience, I am making my class more accessible, blah blah – I honestly don’t think this reasoning holds water anymore, if it ever did.

For one thing, what about the female students? We yoginis practice plenty of poses that are named for men - #shivanataraj, #mirichiasana, #vashistasana – we don’t think twice about emulating masculine traits. *** #Godesspose is called that for a reason: To practice it in a deep stance, and with your legs bent in external rotation, you must be simultaneously open AND strong. These aren’t just female qualities, nor should they be! But I believe that the Open/Strong pose was named after a female deity for a reason.

The female gods are NO JOKE. They do not mess around. Durga brings the flood. Kali cuts off the head of the ego. Saraswati manages everything from truth to art – amazing qualities for any person to cultivate.

And what’s more, I feel it’s time to give the male ego some credit. Men are not as fragile as we think. Certainly the students I see are not – they can manage five deep breaths in a pose that’s got a female name.

Perhaps it’s time to ween ourselves away from these outdated little social imbalances. We’re post- #metoo now. It’s time – hell, it’s overtime, to give ourselves some credit.

Today’s mantra: #Itseasy

When I taught yoga to toddlers, we had a little discussion about how a lot of poses are easier for them then they are for adults. They were fascinated - I remember their little eyes getting big 👀 - and how happily they would sing “It’s eeeeeasy” before coming into headstand and doing a summersault out if it - very easily, harmlessly, happily.
As much as I know change is a constant, I sometimes kick and resist even the most necessary of changes. Then I breathe
And hear a little chorus of kids reminding me, “It’s eeeeeeasy” 🤸🏽‍♂️

It’s an inside job.☀️
#staywarmNYC #nobullshityoga

It’s been a hot minute since I practiced with my #yogawheel at home, so I was surprised I could actually hold this for a few breaths today without panicking! #Backbends, am I right? 😬😩😅 #kapotasana #pigeonpose #yogapants #yoga #yogafit #yogafun #yogalove #yogini #yogi #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #yogaeveryday #igyoga #flexibility #humpday #humpday

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