Feeling some complicated feelings about America today, you might be too. Can/should we feel proud of a country that is quickly trending in a direction that is, at best, un-American, at worst, cruel and inhumane? Patriotism seems often to be saddled with allegiance to power. This Independence Day, I am celebrating the Americans and Americans-to-Be that are fighting every day for a better future, for their rights to exist peacefully, for their rights to be valued and respected as humans. #America #AmericanDream #thepeopleunitedwillneverbedivided #nohatenofearimmigrantsarewelcomehere

This was taken after shedding so many tears...and joining a ceremonial circle of prayer with the American Indian Movement. Today we went through all the emotions. •🖤
We made it through the rally, teared up through the speeches, but completely lost it when we walked to the Federal Detention Center and could see the flashing lights through the window slits. We sobbed. And then we heard them tapping on the window slits, banging on the window slits. We clapped back in rhythm growing louder roaring louder till we were a cacophony. We prayed for them, called for them, paid tribute to them...and now we have to keep fighting for them.
#thisisnotnormal #familiesbelongtogether

Blessed to meet so many positive people, who really want to work towards the betterment of those around them. Families belong together!!! #familiesbelongtogether #elpueblounidojamasseravencido
#positivity #love #forthechildren #equality

Today I marched in Lafayette Indiana. We marched with the rest of the United States in solidarity in support of reunification of families that should never have been separated.
#familiesbelongtogether #nohumanisillegal #nojusticenopeace #activism #march #standtogether #thepeopleunitedwillneverbedivided #solidarity #socialjustice #equalityforall

I’m very, very moved by the thousands of people who participated in the #familiesbelongtogether march in Minneapolis today. Thanks to @mandarex87 and @sans_seraph_ for being my protest buddies! November is coming. #thepeopleunitedwillneverbedivided #immigrantsarewelcomehere #abolishice

Today at the #familiesbelongtogether rally a woman came up to me and asked to take a picture of my sign. When I realized it was @yosoycordova from one of my all-time favorite shows Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I tried to keep it together but suddenly I just started crying. She hugged me and I told her that seeing a Latinx superhero on a network TV show meant the world to me. We had a great talk about Latinx people in entertainment and then she gave an amazing speech to the crowd about immigration.
Guys, I can't say it enough, but #representationmatters. I am so thankful for people like Natalia who are showing little Mexican kids that they can stand up, fight bad guys, and save the world too. And to see her do it in real life too is just the kind of inspiration I needed.

This has been a very bad week for America. It was good to get out and see all the love and anger in the thousands of protesters in San Diego this morning. Are you registered to vote? Are you volunteering for a Democratic campaign? If you don’t know where to start, ask me and I will help you. #act#immigration#abolishice#protest#sandiegoprotest#vote#america#independenceday#thepeopleunitedwillneverbedivided

These are just some of the pictures from today’s rally in westbury, we packed the plaza and the speakers were incredible and it was all started by a young woman who just graduated hs! The young people will win and we will all be better for it! #thepeopleunitedwillneverbedivided #thisiswhatdemocracylookslike #familiesbelongtogether

We are here to demand that families stop being separated, that the children be released from these atrocious holding camps and be reunited with their families! We are here to stand up against this national lampoonery of an administration and show just how loud and furious we are. You’ll see us at the polls.
#endfamilyseparation #marchingon #thepeopleunitedwillneverbedivided #immigrantsarewelcomehere #seeyouatthepolls #familiesbelongtogether

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