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✨Colour Melts✨ using @nakhair for this incredible shine
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• H E L E N •
In love with this combo of caramel tones 💕


A lighter brighter blonde and a deeper root for your fine Tuesday 😍

This transformation on the stunning @josielopez__ removal of colour bands and brassy tones to a soft clean creamy blonde with a deep root stretch! Use Nak’s structure complex which keep the hair fibre nice and strong #rootstretch #rootfade #balayage #creamyblonde #blondebalayage #blondespecialist #nak #nakau @nakhair #nakpermanenthaircolour #thenakcollective #sheppartonhairdresser #lkshairdesign #hairbylaurensessions #transformationtuesday #cleanblonde #shine #structurecomplex

Gorgeous colour work done by Kirsty, to book an appointment call 9769 8667📞

When you forget to get a after photo your beautiful client goes out of her way to get the perfect shot for you👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻 @nakhair @foilmefoils

Sweet + Sassy 🌸🌸. Hair Transformation by Team Metro’s Leigh.

Some updos from last week👏🏻

Oh my god I am so blessed!
I have met some truely inspiring people in my life, and most of these people I find through work 💕
Miss Maddie has been a client of mine for quiet some time now, and never ceases to amaze me ... a few weeks back she messaged me, telling me we are shaving her hair off 💇‍♀️
Now have a read of why she has done so, the next lot of paragraphs are all her exact words; “In today’s society it’s “normal” “funny” “cool” or “part of growing up”....apparently these things are just a few reasons it’s ok to judge others... well let me tell you it’s never ok to judge anyone... its sad that this is becoming a “normal” thing in today’s society it’s disgraceful that we think it’s “funny” and it is disgusting that we believe this is a “cool” thing to do.
A person recently said to me your hair is what makes you... you.
That’s so not true hair doesn’t make you who u are... it’s rather your personality that makes you who you are. So for those haters out there in society that say girls shouldn’t shave there hair because it looks bad and you must be completely crazy to do such thing....this is for u....For the people that have ever felt alone during times of illness when sometimes words are not strong enough but rather actions are. This is for you.
Stop judging others by looks and start accepting their personalities.

I have done this for a couple of reasons today firstly to prove that no matter what you look like or how you dress or what you do to your appearance....you will always be you. Deep in your heart the same person is there. The second reason I’m doing this is because cancer has touched my family’s life and many of our friends lives. Thirdly I am doing this to show anyone that has ever felt alone or judged throughout life that your not the one in the wrong remain true to your heart and be the very best version of you. Lastly hopefully by doing this I can be a ripple in a society that’s full of judgemental arseholes and hopefully this makes at least one of them think before judging the next person.
Lastly to the special lady that inspired me I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE MY TRUE HERO XO

Thanks to the educators @nakhair education for the two day colour master course!! Yes we graduated!! Excited to bring back our new knowledge to the salon
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